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10 Fundamental Tips to Increase Muscle Mass

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Shaping an incredible body is why most of us constantly return to the gym and always aim at losing fat or gaining muscle mass. The physical act of muscle building is way easier said than done because to build more. You need to have several variables aligned concerning our training and excellent nutrition.

It is worth mentioning that a great starting point for everyone looking to add mass to their body is to first look for the definition. With that, it is the construction of muscle mass. And always the act of building more muscles or purposely making your muscles grow a lot through resistance training is referred to as muscle hypertrophy. We have selected some tips below that will help you immensely on building and increasing muscle:

Your Genetics

Know that genetics is essential. If you could, you would choose your parents well. We can say that your genetics at least partially determines the ability to compress muscles.

But it is worth mentioning that starting from a low base. You can continually improve the shape of your body. Know that being a man and young also favors muscle building due to the more significant amount of testosterone naturally present in this group of people.

Exercises With Excellent Volume And Good Intensity

Always try to train with high volume and medium intensity. If you are a beginner, “Volume” is the number of sets and repetitions you do and “intensity” is the weight you choose.

Always for each set of weight training exercises, perform about 10 to 15 repetitions with less than sixty seconds between your sets. You can also buy legit humatrope 72iu for better performance and get great results.


Know that the more protein your body stores – and this is always a protein synthesis process – your muscles have become even more significant. But it is worth mentioning that your body is constantly draining its protein stores for other uses – hormone production, for example. A good tip is to consume about 1 gram of protein per pound of your body weight, approximately the maximum amount your body can use per day.

Eat Before Training

Suppose you consume any protein before and after the execution of your training. Know that about 12 to 20 grams of protein finished about 45 to 60 minutes before exercise can help to induce a muscle-strengthening effect after training.

A good tip is that consumption is about half a cup of diced chicken or a cup of beans, or you can also try a supplemental drink, such as whey or some soy protein.

Eat More Often During The Day

Know that in addition to the protein consumed, you need more calories. So, apart from the protein consumed, eat good quality carbohydrates daily, such as sweet potatoes, bananas, cassava, etc …

Heavy Training

Talk to your physical education teacher, in which you are looking for muscle mass. Without a doubt, your training will be entirely different for those looking for weight loss. Always push each exercise set to failure, which means you cannot do one more repetition in a series because of fatigue. A good tip is that for a 3-set exercise, you can start with a heavier weight for a run of 15 reps in the 1st set and then reduce each set by 2 so your last set is 11 highs, called a pyramid. Whenever you get tired, your body should try its best for each set.

Choose The Right Exercises

Always use the “big three” weight training exercises. These are the famous squat exercise, deadlift and bench press exercises. These exercises build strength and more condition and volume and should always be included in one way or another.

Exercise Daily

That’s right, train almost every day, or train at least three times a week. Know that three sessions a week is the minimum volume needed to create a muscle building and strengthening stimulus. And yet those with significant strength training experience can try even more repetitions.

Focus More On Bodybuilding

We can say that you don’t try to train for a marathon and build big muscles simultaneously. Yes, you can mix aerobic and weight training – it’s always a great combination of exercises – but at the extremes, the physiology and biochemistry of training is quite contradictory, and you won’t maximize your results unless you focus more on one or the other.

Set Some More Viable Goals And Timelines

Always set reasonable goals, monitor your progress and be very patient. You will not build great results overnight. The best bodies are always the result of hundreds of hours and days of effort. A good tip is to start slowly and never get discouraged from the progress already made. We can say that the fitness and health you achieve will be qualities that will remain with you as long as you continue your exercises.

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