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10 Most Common Mistakes in Physical Exercise

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Ignore the warming, overdo the activities, do not eat properly. How have you been sabotaging your exercise routine?

Congratulations! You decided to give up a sedentary lifestyle and engage in physical activity. However, he has been sabotaging his workouts with some negative attitudes. Check below the most common mistakes in the practice of physical exercises so that you can identify those you are committing and correct them as soon as possible in favour of your health!

To stay in shape, you created a physical activity routine, adopted a healthy diet, and now you wear your shirt every day at the gym. However, the results obtained have not been so satisfactory. Want to know the reasons? Below we list the top 10! physical exercises.

Do not warm up before physical exercise

some ignore this step because they consider it unnecessary. However, warming up is essential, as it increases blood circulation and warms the muscles, preventing injuries. A good warm-up takes about 5 to 10 minutes and guarantees a safe and pleasurable physical activity.

Do bodybuilding on your own

Not counting on the supervision of a physical education professional when carrying out the weight training series is another very serious mistake. After all, this activity involves strength and endurance to develop muscles (hypertrophy). It can cause severe muscle, joint, and spinal injuries when done incorrectly.

Committing exaggerations

Whether in the number of exercises or the repetition of the series, making exaggerations is a prevalent mistake. This is mainly because people think that the more they practice certain activities, the faster they will get results. Ledo mistake! Also known as overtraining, overeating can cause fatigue and muscle damage, which will certainly discourage you from continuing to exercise.

Therefore, in the case of aerobic physical exercises, start your routine with just one activity and include others as you gain physical conditioning. Check if they work in different muscle groups in the weight training series. You don’t overburden just one muscle, and you’re not at risk of getting hurt.

Facing physical exercises with an obligation

The results are not promising when we do something out of mere obligation. Either we give up halfway or do it with such ill will that we never reach the established goal. And this is a widespread mistake, not only in the practice of physical exercises but also in our lives personal and professional realms. So, the tip here is to choose an activity that has to do with your profile, that is, that you enjoy doing. This way, you will feel more stimulated, and the chances of stopping halfway will be minimal.

Replace water with isotonic

Hydration before, during and after training is necessary. But, what kind of drink are you drinking? Isotonic? So, know that you risk gaining a few extra pounds. Although they are composed of water and mineral salts, isotonic also have carbohydrates. So, when consumed in excess, they contribute to weight gain and elevated blood sugar levels. Therefore, the best way to hydrate the body is to abuse mineral water.

Don’t give up bad eating habits.

A healthy and varied diet composed of all the nutrients necessary for the proper functioning of the body is also essential in the practice of physical exercises. After all, it is from an adequate diet that the body correctly performs its vital functions and obtains energy for daily activities.

So, if you are a fan of fatty and processed foods, know that to get good results at the gym, you will need to change your diet. Before training, consume fruits and carbohydrates with a moderate or slow glycaemic index, which will offer energy to your body for a longer time, such as apples, sweet potatoes, cassava, and whole grains. Then, for better performance, you can try hgh lilly humatrope 72 iu.

Ignore your body’s limits during physical exercise

Forget the theory that pain is psychological. Absolutely! Your physical trainer should report any signs of fatigue and muscle discomfort. After all, such signs indicate something is wrong, and perhaps it is time to rest. Fatigue, as well as muscle pain, compromises your performance in training and causes injuries. So, never ignore the limits of your own body! When experiencing any physical discomfort, pause the activity and seek guidance.

Wanting to have the same body as the colleague at the gym

Undeniably, this is another very common mistake in the practice of physical exercises, especially in gyms: wanting to have the same result as the classmate or the hall. Remember that each person has a different body type and nutritional needs. Even if you adopt the same diet and physical activity routine, you may not get similar results.

Not sleeping well (or not sleeping)

The body recovers and releases hormones essential for maintaining muscle mass reducing stress, satiety, and weight loss during sleep. This means that not sleeping the recommended eight hours a day can significantly impair your performance in training.

Wear inappropriate clothing Investing in tight and uncomfortable clothes is another common mistake of those starting to practice physical exercises. To carry out the activities, the clothes must be light and breathable. As for tennis, it is essential to choose one appropriate to the type of exercise practiced. Do you want to exercise, but don’t like gyms? Then get to know online fitness courses and ensure more quality of life by practicing classes whenever and wherever you want.

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