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10 Tips for Gaining Muscle Mass

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Gaining muscle mass is a considerable difficulty for many people. If you are an ectomorphic type, the challenge is even more significant. Therefore, ectomorphic people should first avoid aerobic activities and give preference to heavy weight training, eat a high-calorie diet, and eat preferably every 3 hours.

Eat every 3 hours

Your body needs to have its metabolism always active and receive nutrients every 3 hours to build muscle; it is essential to balance these meals to meet your body’s need in the correct proportion of carbs, proteins and fats per meal. Go to a sports nutritionist to have a balanced diet.

Train weight training at least five times a week

It’s essential to stimulate your muscles to burst muscle fibres to rebuild them bigger and stronger, only through weight training. Look for a gym nearby to avoid missing workouts, do weight training between 40 to 60 minutes. Look for the instructor at the gym to set up a series to increase muscle mass.

Carbohydrate-free protein does not grow.

It is an illusion that we think that a diet based only on protein will make you grow; without protein, we will not build muscle, but neither will carbohydrates. Making a simple analogy, imagine a work. The protein would be the building block for building a house, and the carbohydrate is the foundation of this house. Therefore, give preference to low glycaemic index carbohydrates, for example, brown rice, sweet potatoes, brown noodles, etc.

Alcohol and bodybuilding don’t match.

Yes, that night with vodka, that night with whiskey, beer at the bar with friends will hinder muscle mass gains. Alcohol is highly catabolic. If you are going to drink, do this at most once a week, intercalating with water, without exaggeration and remembering to eat correctly. A tip: some capsules of BCAA in the pocket and protein bar help in the club!

Make use of hypercaloric.

Your hypercaloric complements your caloric goals during the day. It also facilitates when you don’t have time to eat a complete solid meal.

Supplement correctly

Make smart combinations with your supplements test variations that your body hasn’t experienced yet and hasn’t created resistance. Some suggestions: Whey Protein + Glutamine + BCAA + Hypercaloric + Creatine + Pre-Workout. Excellent combo to increase muscle mass safely & naturally without using anabolic or prohormones. You may even consider taking HGH injections for better results. HGH Corner is the best place to buy real hgh online.

Make periodic assessments

Yes, it helps to measure the results achieved so far. In addition to knowing your measurements percentage of fat, you can objectively assess data and photos of your progress. It is a motivator to continue doing what should be done.

Plenty of water

During the day, it is recommended to drink at least 2L of water. When you go on a high-calorie, high-protein diet, your body will work harder, so double or triple this amount of water, so your body is always supplied.

Change your training

Change workouts every 30 to 45 days at least. Your body adapts quickly to workouts, varies the exercises, and increases intensity whenever you think it is safe.

No miracles

Building muscle mass is a continuous process that requires consistency in training. In three months, you will already see the first results. At six months, you will have a visible evolution in your body. One year with this consistency in training, you will be starting to transform your body. Be realistic and patient, and these are good references to follow.

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