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2023 World’s Strongest Man Revealed

The 2023 World’s Strongest Man (WSM) will take place on Apr. 19-23, 2023, in Myrtle Beach, SC. Less than 12 weeks before the competition actually gets up and running, the official slate of strong obstacles has been revealed. On January 26, 2023, the WSM organization reveals the 12 events that will comprise the latest iteration of the main strongman event. There are six events during the Qualifying Round and six during the Final. The 2023 WSM announcement also made it clear that this year’s competition will start one day later on Apr. 19, 2023after the initial announcement of the start date of April 18.

Here are the events scheduled for the 2023 WSM in mid-April. In particular, even with a change to a tight schedule, there is the possibility of having a built-in rest day between the Qualifying Stages and Finals, as usual in recent editions of the WSM . That said, in a relatively shortened schedule, fatigue may play a role in the later stages of the competition, which may decide the champion.

2023 The World’s Strongest Man Event Schedule

Qualification Round

  • First Event: Loading Race– First day
  • Second Event: Deadlift Machine– First day
  • Event Three: Log Ladder– First day
  • Fourth Event: Conan’s Wheel— Second Day
  • Fifth Event: Kettlebell Toss— Second Day
  • Event Six: Stone Off— Second Day


  • An Event | Fingal’s fingers — Third Day
  • Second Event | Deadlift— Third Day
  • Three Events | Carrying the shield— Third Day
  • Fourth Event | Max Dumbbell — Fourth Day
  • Fifth Event | Towing the Vehicle— Fourth Day
  • Six Events | Atlas Stones— Fourth Day

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At the time of this writing, the precise structure of each of the 2023 WSM events is unclear.

A safe assumption is to expect Stone Off, the final event of the Qualifying Round, to be head-to-head. In the past, the second and third place in each group would go head-to-head to determine who would advance to the Final. Such a consistent setup will once again favor the individual group winners.

At the time of publishing this article, the complete final roster for the 2023 WSM has not been revealed, nor the makeup of each individual group. Perhaps, reigning two-time WSM champion Tom Stoltman will return to defend his title. In January 2023, former WSM (2020) champion Oleksii Novikov revealed that he will once again compete for the biggest strongman prize. Four-time WSM champion (2011, 2013, 2015-2016) Brian Shaw previously announced that the 2023 WSM will be his final competitive appearance.

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By the time the 2023 WSM gets underway in Myrtle Beach, some of the world’s strongest men will be well prepared for the gauntlet ahead. Regardless of who is on the roster and how exactly events line up, an intriguing matchup likely awaits ahead in the spring.

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