You are currently viewing A retrospective video of Mickie James’ career might bring a tear to your eyes

A retrospective video of Mickie James’ career might bring a tear to your eyes

Mickie James’ last rodeo is about to end, and her wrestling career could end very soon. James will face her toughest challenge yet on her retirement tour when she fights Jordyn Grace of her career for the title at Hard to kill On January 13th.

With stakes too high, James reflected on her journey in a retrospective video package that aired during Thursday’s episode of Impact wrestling. Be careful, James’ words may make your eyes blurry. It’s a long scene, over seven minutes long, but well worth watching.

James started with stories about breaking into the business. Signing with Ring of Honor offered an opportunity in TNA when Raven asked her to be part of The Gathering faction. This show led to an offer from WWE. Jeff Jarrett encouraged James to join WWE. He also said that the doors will always be open for her as part of the TNA family.

In WWE, James debuted in an iconic feud against Trish Stratus. After leaving WWE, she was at a crossroads. James fulfilled the dream and then lost the dream. Fortunately, the effect came again. James searched for her soul to bring Hardcore Country.

She told James the story of how she met Nick Aldis, her future husband. I was struck by his chiseled appearance and British accent. She was relieved not to think Aldis heard, but he did. James and Aldis married and started a family.

James was at a place when she thought her TV wrestling career was over, and then called HHH. It was supposed to be a one-on-one match against Asuka, but it turned into a full-time return to WWE. James thought it was her chance to come out with a bang, however, things didn’t turn out that way. It wasn’t the bow to James’ career that she wanted. James felt she had unfinished business to properly finish her career, which is why she returned to Impact.

James gets emotional at the end of the video. She talked about giving her life to wrestling and wrestling gave her a way to fulfill her dreams. James was able to give back to her parents, who worked two jobs while she was growing up, so they could retire and enjoy life. She also found meaning as a positive role model who hopes to inspire others that they can succeed regardless of whether they come from nothing. If I could help one person do this, it might have been worth it.

Did you find inspiration in Mickie James’ journey?

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