You are currently viewing AAA unveils the field for the Rey de Reyes tournament with Vampiro, Bandido and more top stars

AAA unveils the field for the Rey de Reyes tournament with Vampiro, Bandido and more top stars

The AAA Championship returns to crown the King of Kings on February 5 in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. The winner of the Rey de Reyes gets a badass sword.

Lucha Libre AAA

The Rey de Reyes concept debuted in 1997. Previous winners have been Latin Lover, Octagon, Cibernetico, Abismo Negro, La Parka (five times), El Canek, Jeff Jarrett, Vampiro, El Zorro, Electroshock, Chessman, Extreme Tiger, El Hijo del Perro Aguayo, El Mesias, and El Texano Jr. and Pentagon Jr. , Argenis, Rey Escorpion, Aerostar, Laredo Kid, and Psycho Clown.

The Field of 2023 includes past winners. The format will be four foursome battles with the winners advancing to the final foursome.


Rey de Reyes collections include:

  • Hijo del Vikingo vs. Mecha Wolf vs. Myzteziz vs. Gringo Loco
  • Psycho Clown vs. Bandido vs. Abismo Negro Jr. vs. Commander
  • Pagano vs. Bestia 666 vs. Flamita vs. Aramis
  • Vampiro vs. Sam Adonis vs. Jack Cartwell vs. Rice

I’d say the favorites to advance are Hijo del Vikingo, Psycho Clown, Pagano, and Sam Adonis, however, don’t count Bandido or Vampiro to win it all. Honestly, I only see two very long shots on the field. I’d be shocked if Abismo Negro or Jack Cartwheel won. I will not watch anyone else wielding the sword of Rey de Reyes in victory. That’s how strong the competition is. There are current stars, legends, solid midfield players, up-and-coming young crowds, and villainous idols.

Women will participate in the pageant. Featuring Reina de Reinas Chik Tormenta, Sexy Star, Lady Shani, La Hierda and surprise luchadora. This may be the first edition for women, so I’m not sure what prize will be given. Let’s hope it’s pointed and sharp to fit the shape of the sword.

The card ends with a triple action in the opening. Aerostar, Niño Hamburguesa and Mr. Iguana vs. Kento, Takuma, and La Parka Negra.

What does the Rey de Reyes field look like to you? Who do you expect to win?

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