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Adam Cole has been preparing for life after wrestling while recovering from a dreaded concussion

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AEW is teasing Adam Cole’s comeback with vignettes on Dynamite & frenzy. We don’t yet know when the former ROH & NXT Champion will return to the ring, but the videos were welcome after months of guarded silence from Cole and company.

His last match was in June of last year, 4Way at the forbidden door PPV with New Japan as Cole suffered his second concussion in as many months. Cole Tell Observer Wrestling Radio This was the third consecutive event in which he was injured. He tore his heal and strained rotator cuff while preparing for the Hangman Page match at revolutionHe suffered a concussion while facing Samoa Joe Double or nothing. the forbidden door The concussion was the worst of the three.

“I took a bump where it felt a little weird, and it wasn’t anyone’s fault, it was a normal bump. And I remember thinking, ‘Okay, it just felt a little weird.’ And it’s been about thirty seconds, and then it’s like I don’t remember or remember what I’m supposed to do. [or] What happened in the match.

“The memory stuff is the really scary part for me, when you’re in the middle of an episode and there are thousands of people around you, and I have no idea what I’m supposed to do. That was really scary. So I knew very early on after my memory started going that there was something What’s wrong?”

While he said any head injury is frightening, Cole’s latest injury was particularly so. Not only were the symptoms more severe, but they developed and worsened over time:

“The crazy thing is that after a month, that was when the real serious side effects started to show up. Everything I said on my comeback show in the ring that I did was true, and more than that. There were a lot of things that were going on so late in the game. The healing process, or what I thought was behind, like a month and a half, two months.”

As Cole discussed in the promo, he mentioned symptoms including spontaneous crying and the inability to stay in a moving car without becoming sick. That he was still dealing with these things in the fall caused him to question his future.

“I was really, really nervous, really scared of being told not to be allowed to wrestle again. As for me, I have a tendency to often, when I get bad news, I assume the worst. new of my life.

“Of course I had a hope and a dream that I could get back there. But with all the news I was getting, how was I feeling, I’m like, ‘Oh my God, I can’t be in a car for more than 15 minutes, and it’s been two months. How am I going to get in? The wrestling ring again?… I had a real fear of, I don’t know if I’d ever be able to do it. I’m 33, and I wasn’t nearly done wrestling yet. So it was scary.”

Cole credits AEW for ensuring he received excellent medical care…

“It was like I was barely thinking, it was like so many things were set up for me, and in the middle of all this, seeing doctors like three times a week, they just wanted to make sure I was healthy and feeling okay. I was constantly being checked.” .

As a result, he is almost ready to get back in the ring. He had failed the test earlier in the process – “I scored so badly that there are concerns about whether or not I could drive” – ​​he has now passed it with flying colours:

“Not only did I meet average, I exceeded average. When I saw that and the reaction of the doctor I was working with, her excitement was also, like, ‘Oh my God, we’re going to do this. We’re going to make this happen. I’m going to be able to get back in the ring.’ So the The only test I ever had to do for my brain, when I finally passed that test, it was so unbelievable to get that news at that point because again, you’re afraid of losing the thing you love the most. That was the point where I was like, ” Well, we’ll make this happen. This will work. “

There’s still no official announcement of Adam Cole’s return to wrestling, however, during the video that aired on January 25. dynamite It was obvious that it could happen revolution on March 5th.

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