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Adam Cole is back, bye bye

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Adam Cole has since gone out of business forbidden door This past June, the reports we received of him returning from a concussion sounded more frightening than promising.

But with AEW in Los Angeles on January 11th, it was all about BOOM bay-bay! We didn’t know Cole would be on dynamitebut that only means that when Tony Schiavone welcomed his opponent to the ring – the Kia Forum crowd erupted.

Cole wasn’t playing as heels as he was when we last saw him. Tell us this is going to be a good/bad news promo. The good news didn’t start out very well. Cole has talked about being really battered in the past six months. Two concussions made him wonder what was happening to him, making him wonder not only if he’d ever wrestle again, but if he’d be able to get a good night’s sleep or take a long car ride.

Through it all, the wrestling crowd carried him and lifted their spirits with our well wishes. For that, Cole is very grateful.

The bad news? It is not his or ours. It’s for everyone else in the locker room because Cole is back. He’s only scratched at what he can achieve in AEW, and after what he’s been through, he’s more determined than ever to climb the mountain.

He closed by letting the Los Angeles crowd say his name to him.

We’ll see if this is a one-off or if Cole gets to play a babyface for the first time in his AEW career. Either way, who’s ready for regular appearances by Adam Cole dynamite & frenzySee you soon?

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