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AEW Dark Elevation Synopsis: Mess with the bull, get the horns


AEW Dark Episode 99: Rise is in the books. If you missed the live stream, click here to stream Cageside Seating. Ian Riccaponi, Paul White and Matt Menard called the event tonight. Our continued thoughts and best wishes go out to Jamin Pugh’s family and friends. Let’s talk about today’s episode.

Sky Blue vs. Zoe Dubois

This is Blue’s first match at Elevation for 2023. For Dubois, this was her first appearance in AEW. Blue caught a kick and up in the corner, then hit the three amigos of suplexes (not recognized by the announcers, but Fresno stepped up). She put a boot to Blue’s throat in the corner until the referee made her snap at four. Blue fought her way back into the match with closed fists and a scissor to the head. Running knee to the ropes, roundhouse kick to the jaw, two counts from Paul Turner. Dubois had two legs with Blue but Blue kicked her and then nailed her with a superkick. Skyfall, 1-2-3, it’s over. One of the best matches I’ve seen from Blue lately, and it wasn’t a bad start for Dubois either.

The Butcher and the Blade (with Rabbit) vs. David McCallion and Ritchie Slade

Butcher & Blade achieved a 7-1 record in Elevation. White called them “two heartless mercenaries led by a sociopath”. McCallion and Slade were making their first appearance, and even though Dasha didn’t mention it, Maynard was sure to tell that their team name was “Beef Candy.” No, I’m dead serious. Beef candy. They looked more like shredded beef after they finished Butcher & Blade with them. Riccaboni: “Candy beef is in big trouble here early on.” White: “It was mostly a one-sided relationship.” Especially? How about completely. Slade broke three times and was thrown at his partner, then Butcher & Blade decided to Drag the Lake for the win. I’m not sure Beef Candy does a single offensive move, unless you flip the word over and say it’s + + offensive. I am a child. I’m sure they’re fine – we just didn’t get to see her.

Lexi attempted to interview Athena backstage but ended up getting into a fight with Yuka Sakazaki instead which was broken up by the officials backstage. Let them fight! Let them fight!

Rush and Preston Vance (with Jose’s assistant) vs. Papaquito Blanco and Papacito Negro

La Faccion Ingobernables had a team record of 1-0. Their opponents were making their AEW tag team debut. Ricaponi: “Not much is known about these guys but they have absolutely amazing bodies.” White told us right away that the cosmetics wouldn’t be good enough against RUSH and Vance’s intensity. Vance Blanco hit the spinebuster and mocked his old nickname “The Ten” by raising his hands. A nigger ticked inside and threw some pieces. Vance immediately blew up and shouldered him, Vance tagged in, and both men attacked a nigger in the corner. Aubrey Edwards tried and failed to stop them from stepping on him. They taunted them by kicking a field goal through it, then gave a crowd salute to stop them further. RUSH gave Negro the horns the bulk, Vance hit a discus layup on Blanco, then they pinned both men simultaneously. Papacitos masks were then removed.

Emi Sakura vs Brook Havoc

Sakura has a singles record of 1-0 for 2023. Spoiler alert – she will remain undefeated for the year, especially with her opponent Havok waiting for her in the ring and posting a record of 0-2. number, Not that Havok. I wish it was. Sakura gave a real fight. Sakura rolled her eyes, tossing her opponent like a sack of flour, smacking her butt and shoveling her back. Sakura taunted Havok and came back with some forearms, and Sakura responded with some loud slashes. She missed with the third and Havok hit a neckbreaker and pendulum DDT. Well, you can’t say Havok didn’t put up with +any+ fight. Sakura planted Havoc in response and did “We’ll cut you off” in the corner followed by the flying cross body. Sakura slid vertically, for a backbreaker, to the top rope, shouted “I am your majesty” and hit the moonsault for the pin. She sat down on Stephen Smith’s knee and kissed his bald head afterwards.

Tony Nese & Ari Daivari (w/ Mark Sterling) vs. The Big Phones & Jordan Cruz

Sterling cut the introduction from Dasha when Nese and Daivari teamed up for their AEW debut. “We’re going to finish this game, we’re going to get in our car, we’re going to drive to San Francisco and celebrate with the good looking people.” Fonz & Cruz were making their debut for AEW. The announcers berated Ness for wasting his time flexing his muscles. I don’t know, if I worked as hard as he did, I guess I’d show it off too. Fonz tagged in and towered over Daivari, who had to pin him down with kicks and tag in Nese to get some help. Cruz came on and was out by Daivari, and Ness put Fonz in a running knee for a count of three. White: “I just don’t like sterling.” Riccapone: “That makes us two.”

The Dark Order (John Silver, Evil Ono & Alex Reynolds) vs. Ryan Nemeth, Peter Avalon & Serpentico (w/Luthor)

Nemeth, Avalon and Serpentico were leading the score 0-1 so far as a trio. The Dark Order brought in a record of 2-0 in this 2023 lineup. Wight: “Johnny Hongye is like a modern-day Ivan Putsky.” Just in case you have no idea who Wyatt is talking about Here is a link For your information.

Avalon hit Reynolds with a suplex for two counts and tagged in the SERP. Serp jumped over the ropes and pinned him back inside. Avalon ate a background and Uno tagged him as did Serp. Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Nemeth ran and ate a chipper. Ono dropped Serp’s head directly onto his knee for a near fall. Silver tagged in and went for the Pendulum Bomb but Avalon grabbed his leg from the outside. The announcers had no idea who the legal man was at this point, and since all six men were in the ring, I can understand their confusion. Avalon got double-teamed by Silver and Reynolds and pinned, so it’s safe to say Avalon was the legal man for his + team. Thus ends the show!

What to watch / skip

This week’s “What to watch/skip” at Elevation is presented by twitter RUSH. Give it a follow or get the horns! This was an episode under 40 minutes long, so my only “step” is Butcher & Blade vs. Beef Candy. It was a fun but one-sided game of squash that I wouldn’t even blame you for not bothering with it. Los Ingobernables was equally one-sided, but Preston Vance’s heel turn was entirely in his favor. The best match in this short episode was Sakura vs Havoc.

Cageside commentary crew! Share your thoughts in the comments section below and Find me on Twitter For more talk about wrestling. See you tomorrow night after AEW Dark!

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