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AEW Dark recap: Butcher & Blade vs. The Final Boss & Yuta


Episode 179 of AEW Dark is in the books! If you missed the live broadcast, click here to stream via Cageside Seating. Excalibur and Taz called the action as usual…but above all else RIP Jay Briscoe. It’s a very sad day and my condolences to all of his family, friends and fans around the world.

Keira Hogan vs. Danica Dela Rouge

Hogan brought in a record of 10-3 on Tonight’s episode of Darkness. Rouge was waiting for her in the ring with an individual record of 0-1. Hogan hit her with a “Rana” and some forearms, but Rouge flapped her and threw some locked fists at her despite the referee’s instructions. Hogan countered with a pair of back elbows as Rogue attacked her, pinned her in the ropes, then nailed her with a groin attack. Hogan motioned for her to get up and hit her face with a baseball slider in the corner. Drop the leg backwards…and kick out Rogue! Rogue ate a roundhouse kick and an inside hook suplex and +that+ put her away.

Brian Cage (with Prince Nana) vs. Carl Randers

Cage brought in a 25-0 record at Dark. That won’t change tonight with no respect for Mr. Randers, who made his promotional debut in this match. He charged Cage and was lifted straight into the air and landed on his face, then hit with a push kick. Randers opted for some curls, throws, chest curls and biceps curls. Randers attempted to come back with a pair of Enzuigiri kicks, Cage caught him in mid-air, he ran off and attempted Rana who transformed into a powerbomb and another on the knee. Buckle bomb, disc lariat, pin, 100% squash. 26-0. The difference between this match and last night’s match should show you how much Cage and AEW respect Willie Mac.

Sammy Guevara and Daniel Garcia vs Brian Cook and Deimos

The members of JAS Guevara & Garcia have no previous record as a team. Luckily for them, they were just as likely to get a win as Cage in the previous match, given that Cook and Deimos were making their debuts in AEW’s tag team division. The comments seemed more interested in talking about AEW’s upcoming appearance in Winnipeg and how much they love Canada as a whole.

Snapsuplex and some of Guevara’s showboats. Leapfrog, back flip, dropkick, kip up. Excalibur: “Guevara made it look easy tonight.” Guevara pulled off a suicide dive and then slid under the ropes to deliver the chop. Back in the ring, García gave Deimos a DDT, ran up the ropes as Guevara, then slid under the ropes to throw a chop as well. Guevara hugged him and Garcia wanted none of that. Garcia hit a high bellows, pinned Guevara, and GTH to Cook finished the match so Guevara could stick his tongue out. Garcia got another hug that he wanted nothing to do with it. Let’s have this odd couple keep wrestling together. I enjoyed this!

Ari Daivari vs. Action Andretti

Andretti was making his official 2023 AEW debut in this match. Daivari brought a 2023 record of 1-0 and a mic and said JAS had been kicking ass for a few weeks, so he had a “proposal” for him. “Lie down, and let me beat you up, and in return I’ll make sure the Trustbusters have your back and the Jericho Appreciation Society leave you alone forever. What do you say?” Andretti: “You know what Daivari is? Call me crazy but I think you might be right. Dealing with the Association these past few weeks has been very stressful. Maybe joining you guys and getting me back from Trustbusters is what I need to do.” The reference called for the bell.

Andretti lay down, and as Daivari got on top, Andretti went into an inside cradle and got two. We got a regular match after that including Daivari trying to cheat to win a thumbs in the eye (infuriating Aubrey Edwards). Andretti attempted to run into the ropes for a suicide dive, but Daivari cut him with a clothesline by quickly backing up and then brushing Andretti’s face through the ropes. He pulled Andretti up through the air, and Andretti missed hard with half-blind shots from behind, but made contact with his elbow and desperately tried to clear his eyes. The combo sent Daivari’s neck-breaking backhand ripper to the floor and this time Andretti did his suicide dive! Split-legged Moon and Daivari split at 2.9. Daivari squinted his eyes again and made a series of cuts. He missed a goal in the corner though and Andretti made a hurricane from the top. He ran the Xing Star Press (who defeated Jericho with it) for a three! I am very happy to be booking and wrestling in this match.

Power House Hobbs vs. Jayden

Hobbs brought a record in 2022 to 8-0 in the dark. Jayden was making his AEW debut and got a sweet response from Portland, which had Hobbs laughing at the kid having a pop. Jayden attempted a hit with a one knee stand and was bounced in the face for his problem, then captured with a late vertical suplex. Hobbs yells at him, hits Big Spine, puts Jayden on his back and hits him with the pin. If it’s more than a minute, it’s a minute and + seconds + seconds. Taz: You can look this guy in the eye and see… That’s a bad guy.

“Daddy Magic” Matt Menard and “Cool Hand” Angelo Parker vs. Eddie Pearl and Ricky Gibson

Minnaar and Parker brought a 10-1 record in the dark to this matchup. Pearl and Gibson were waiting in the ring and didn’t get their full introduction (or show their win/loss record) because they jumped before the opening bell. That should tell you how this match went. I was already looking forward to the main event before this is over. Excalibur: “Parker and Minar give the opponent a little flair.” taste of what? DDT double team high for an easy win. Menard has indicated that they want belts around their waists and I wouldn’t be surprised if that happened in 2023.

Claudio Castagnoli and Wheeler Utah vs. The Butcher and the Blade

Butcher & Blade brought in The Bunny and a 25-0 record at Dark. Castagnoli and Utah brought their title belts together with an overall AEW tag team record of 4-1. Butcher & Blade ran down the ramp to start the fight hot before they could even get into the ring, let alone get to the opening bell. Butcher chokeslammed Uta on the barricade right in front of the crowd and then teamed up with Castagnoli and threw him first against a steel chair. Yuta tried to come back but was easily put out again. Castagnoli was thrown into the ring and Rick Knox called the bell. Blade choked Castagnoli on the ropes and Bunny did it on the outside as well for good measure. “Bunny Did It Too” sounds like a VHS tape you’d rent behind the curtain in the ’80s. If you know, then you know.

Butcher and Blade rejoiced at dismantling Castagnoli to one side while the crowd chanted “Claw-dee-oh” and Bunny covered her ears. Butcher got the mark as Castagnoli crawled over to Yuta, but Yuta was on the ground and out on the floor and wasn’t available to take the mark. Castagnoli tried to fight the two men in the corner with elbows but couldn’t, and Butcher kicked Utah off the apron to the ground just to keep the hitting going. Taz complimented the heels on “distinguishing a bigger man”. Blade tried to sink a rear naked choke and take out Castagnoli. Castagnoli escaped with a broken jaw, but Butcher & Blade Double teamed him up again for a near fall. The Butcher banged on Castagnoli’s back and delivered a warning to Knox. Castagnoli rocked the butcher with Enzuigiri, sidestepped him as he spun into the corner, and Yuta finally got the hot card! Utah instantly beat the crap out of the newly tagged Blade. Elbow from above, kip up, reverse elbow, German suplex bridge, butcher’s break pin. Claudio ran in for an assisted DDT and gave Blade a huge European push, then threw Yuta off the top rope on Blade for the win! Taz: Oh man, the bunny is angry. I haven’t seen a rocket launcher in forever! “

What to watch / skip

This week’s What to Watch / Skip is presented Demboys (RIP Jay Briscoe). You definitely don’t want to skip the main event – it’s classic old school tag team wrestling. Heels hit faces, faces come back in a big way at the end. Some might criticize it as being too complicated, but a chemist will tell you that the formula is good when you always get the right results, and the crowd sure loved it. Daivari and Andretti also did the classics and they worked too. Guevara and Garcia are a fun team and I hope they stay together. The rest of the show could have been skipped…but I enjoyed it anyway!

Cageside Commentary Crew – Share your feedback below in the comments section. If you love pro wrestling Find me on Twitter Until Elon pays us all for it. See you next week for new episodes of Elevation and Dark!

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