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AEW Dark recap: Konosuke vs. Angelico!


Episode 181 of AEW Dark is in the books! If you missed the live broadcast, click here to stream via Cageside Seating. Excalibur and Taz called procedure as usual. Let’s go!

AR Fox & Top Flight vs. The Wingmen

Peter Avalon, Cesare Bononi, and Ryan Nemeth were having the first trios match of 2023 in the dark this week. Top Flight was collaborating with AR Fox for the first time, so this was the “first appearance of the trio” on the chyron as well. The match got off to a hot start before Stephon Smith was able to call for the buzzer. Fox attempted a suicide dive and caught him in the wake, so Top Flight followed suit to take down The Wingmen.

Quick marks of faces to work on nemeth. Eventually he was able to land a bunt into his corner and tag Avalon. Fox hit him with a uppercut and then hit every wrestler in the ring, resulting in a triple kick. Trios matches are often chaotic, but this was more than most matches. I finally settled in on the heels of working on Fox. Fox hit the jaw crusher and Death Valley driver to finally free and give Dante Martin the hot tag. Cross dive on Nemeth for two. Darius signs in. Bononi breaks a pin. Everyone is in the ring again. Fox returns to fire a missile directly into his cutter for the pin on Avalon. Good ending but what a block.

Red Velvet vs. Sofia Castillo

Velvet has a record of 2-0 for 2023 before claiming her title shot against Jade Cargill tomorrow night. Castillo was playing her first game of the year against. So you’re telling me the wrestler waiting in the ring has no record, and her opponent gets a TBS “championship opportunity” on Dynamite? Hmm. I think we know how this will happen. Castillo tried to get some action by mocking Velvet’s “excitement”. Castillo with a knee in the face and a roped guillotine. Velvet kicked in one.

Castillo appears to be having trouble keeping the straps for her top of her head in place. She kicked Velvet in the knee and face for two consecutive counts. The complete Nelson application. The velvet is starting to fade. She fought her way free with her hips but ate the leg of a lariat. Castillo lunged into the corner and missed, then ate his knees while they were pinned to the ropes. “Lung Blower Jones” sneered Taz. Velvet Castillo put in a scissor short with her arm and pressured her until she got a verbal submission.

Zack Clayton vs. Fulton

Clayton was first appearing in the year 2023 in Dark. His opponent Fulton was waiting in the ring with no previous singles record in AEW. In case you were already wondering this Madman Fulton Of NXT and Impact Wrestling fame. The crowd was standing behind Fulton and chanting his name because he had the size and strength to stand toe-to-toe with “Reality,” but unfortunately in the end he was put down by a stunner. Clayton: “None of those losers here can compete with me or control me. It’s just me!” Well, it’s action, not shooting, but if they were really getting into a fight, I’m sure Fulton could make him eat those words until he choked. with his tongue.

Brock Anderson & Brian Pillman Jr. (with Arn Anderson) vs. Rosario Grillo & Dean Alexander

It was the first time Anderson and Pillman Jr. had teamed up, while their opponents had a previous AEW record of (wait for it) 0-4. Again, I wonder + who will win this match. I didn’t have to wonder for long. Brock Anderson hit Gordbuster for the pin right after Pillman Jr. hit a superkick. At least they had team chemistry.

Rene Michel vs. Sky Blue

Blue was making her Dark debut for 2023. Michelle’s 2022 singles record was 0-3. Excalibur and Taz joked about how fast they were hitting matches this episode, and they certainly weren’t lying, because there has been nothing close to being competitive since the opening. Ate some forearms to the face, a knee kick, an enzuigiri roundhouse, and Michelle finally got on the offense with a thoughtful German for two counts. Hit blue kick and sky fall to win. Excalibur: “Wow. Out of nowhere!” Taz: “If only these two ladies could talk and get some synergy, they’d have a great team. Fire and ice!” Don’t count on it.

Shane Taylor vs. Mr. G and Dante Casanova

STP + IS + Razor Edge. They’re making their debuts for the AEW brand in this match, as hapless opponents Dante Casanova and Mr. J.D. Griffey hit Mr. G with kicks as Shane Taylor looks on. Casanova tagged him in, Taylor did too and gave him a headbutt, then planted him with a jab and splash, pulling him back instead of getting the pin. Casanova hit a penalty shot and actually managed to pick Taylor up for a slam dunk. did not expect that. Taylor got a kick and delivered a hard elbow, then brought Griffey back inside. Griffey and Taylor’s double-knee combination move moved for the pin. This was the best squash on show!

Yuka Sakazaki vs. Avery Brooks

Hi!“It’s magical girl time. Sakazaki had a record of 2023 1-0. Breaux was waiting in the ring for her first match of the year. Breaux jeered Sakazaki’s cheerful personality and the crowd began cheering her on in response. They went back and forth with the holds and counters a minute First. Roll up by Sakazaki’s hand for two. Breaux rolled for a breath after another close fall and yelled “That’s not cool!” Sakazaki chased down and took advantage of Breaux to throw face first into the apron. She tried to do it again and Sakazaki landed on the apron and kicked her instead. She went to Top five Orlando fans then hit Breaux with a kick to the apron.Another near miss falls into the ring.Breaux blocked a suplex and hit one, then a cannonball landed in the corner for a near fall from “Avery Breaux, bro” as Excalibur said.Sakazaki picked Breaux up and spun her like a toy Spinning, he said “oah kay” and then did a Magical Girl Splash (a jump off the ropes) for a count of three.

The WorkHorsemen opposite Liam Gray and Adrian Alanis

Henry and Drake brought the 2023 team a record of 0-2. They might be action knights, but they weren’t knights. Luckily for them, they were up against Gray and Alanis in their first appearance in 2023, and luckily Drake looks like he’s about the size of both of his opponents combined. As a result, they tried to double team first and the referee did nothing to stop it. He didn’t need to because Drake threw them down the middle, hit a lariat and a DDT at the same time, tagged in Henry and threw a shell at Gray in the corner. Pick up Henry Gray for a cross-brain and a pin. Eight games deep in 40 minutes and a change. If not for the intros and video packages, this would be less than 30.

Konosuke Takeshita vs. Angelico

Main event time! Angelico was accompanied by his SAP brothers Luther and Serpentico) in his singles debut of 2023. Takeshita’s current dark record was coming at 2-0. There were a lot of obvious results just from looking at the competitors this episode, but at least for the main event we at least had the suspense of Takeshita having to deal with being outnumbered 3 on 1. Serpentico grabbed the leg on the outside, then got up with Luthor by giving him a sledgehammer on his back while Aubrey Edwards enforces the law on Angelico. Angelico started to do some submission stretches and Takeshita got his boot on the ropes to force Angelico to collapse. The two men traded blows on their feet and Takeshita overpowered her. Angelico tried to kick him out but was able to lash the cat and hit a huge clothesline back. Takeshita Line knocks Angelico down. Slash to the neck and use the DDT as Luther yells “Kick, kick out”. Angelico did. Takeshita ate his elbows to his head and then grabbed Angelico by the stumps, which led to them making roll attempts. Takeshita’s Blue Thunder Bomb for two. “Great job on Blue Thunder Jones over there. Sounds like a grappling dude from Memphis!” If you say so, Taz. Bulldog La Magistral by Angelico for two. Takeshita’s Flying Knee. The German suplex brimmed but Serpentico swept the leg to break it. Edwards lectures him and Luther steps in to give Angelico another near fall. Angelico dared Takeshita to give him the best of him and then kicked him in the lower back. Angelico and Luther’s head is decapitated and Takeshita implants it with two Thinker Minds. Angelico is still fired! “What is in this man’s skull?” I don’t know Tazz, but that didn’t stop the ensuing knee jerk as Takeshita finally got his hard-fought win. He faces Brian Cage tomorrow night!

What to watch / skip

What to watch/skip is offered tonight Konosuke Takeshita on Twitter. He deserves it after a main event that saved the show. Well, I’m exaggerating a little. This wasn’t a terrible version of Dark, but other than the editorial and closer, it was about as paint-by-numbers as you can get. Be sure to watch the Shane Taylor Promotions match though. I’m admittedly biased because I’ve interviewed Mr. Taylor in the past, but seeing him do his thing in the ring is a blast. If he and Griffey move into title contention sooner rather than later in AEW that will be good for me.

Cageside Commentary Crew – Share your feedback below in the comments section. If you love pro wrestling Find me on Twitter also. I’d like to talk to some of you instead of the bots following me around. See you next week for new episodes of Elevation and Dark!

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