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AEW was booed when Sasha Banks didn’t appear on Dynamite

Despite a slew of great matches like Hangman Page vs. dynamite In Los Angeles was former WWE superstar Sasha Banks.

AEW announced a women’s tag team match with a mystery partner on this card five weeks ago, so many people assumed Banks would make her AEW debut under her new name, Mercedes Money. Hope of an emergence from Mercedes remained strong even after Tony Storm was announced as Saraya’s secret partner, especially as Brett Baker gave a wink while using the phrase “boss” in a final pre-match promo.

Needless to say, many fans were very disappointed when Mercedes didn’t appear at last night’s show. You can hear yourself booing in the following video.

to me Dennis SalcedoThis moment occurred right after the women’s tag match ended. Many of the live audience thought lights out meant Mercedes would be out, but they were instead treated to a graphic promotion. frenzy.

So, what happened here? Why would AEW announce a no bets tag team match five weeks early if there was no plan for a major angle or appearance? Did Tony Khan just want to get people talking and selling more tickets in hopes that a big surprise would come along? Was there actual negotiation with Mercedes underway at the time the match was announced, but no agreement was reached? Is she under an exclusive deal with NJPW now? Was the five-week window the time frame it took for Toni Storm to get back in the ring after breaking her face on AEW’s November show?

We don’t have an answer to this mystery today, unfortunately, but hopefully more information will be available soon. Meanwhile, many of us are left at a loss trying to make sense of it all.

How did you feel when Mercedes Mooney didn’t appear on AEW last night, Kaegisider?

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