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Alberto El Patron returns to AAA to wrestle at Marquee events


Alberto El Patron (Del Rio in WWE) returns to AAA. It was announced that El Patron will participate in the Lucha Libre World Cup and Guerra de Rivalidades.

AAA broke the news during their official Press Conference on Tuesday (January 17) to reveal plans for 2023.

The fourth edition of the Lucha Lucha World Cup returns after a six-year hiatus. The concept debuted in 2015 and returned the following year in 2016. Both events were held in Mexico City, Mexico. The third edition traveled to Tokyo, Japan for 2017. And now, it’s time to bring the Lucha World Cup back on March 19, 2023 in Guadalajara, Mexico.

There will be tournaments for this year’s Lucha Libre World Cup for men and women. The men’s team runs 8 deep teams for triple action. There will be two teams from Mexico, one team from USA, Canada, Japan, UK and Latin America, and the final team will be made up of talents from the rest of the world. The Latin American team will feature wrestlers from South America and Puerto Rico. The Universal Team is attached to the new partnership between AAA and Qatar Pro Wrestling, so talent from QPW is expected to fill out this team. The women’s category will feature a total of four teams from Mexico, USA, Japan and Rest of the World.

AAA announced the entrants for a men’s trio to represent Mexico at the tournament. AAA megacampeonato Hijo Del Vikingo, Psycho Clown and Alberto El Patron are the Dream Team.

The Lucha Libre World Cup would be Alberto’s first match with AAA since 2015, when El Patron held the AAA Mega Championship for 337 days before vacating the title and returning to WWE. The event suited Alberto, as he triumphed alongside his Dream Team mates Rey Mysterio and Myzteziz (aka original Sin Cara in WWE, original and current Mistico in CMLL) to win the inaugural Lucha Libre Cup.

That’s not all for Alberto.

AAA has announced the return of three Triplemania events throughout 2023. The first stop will be in Monterrey on April 16th, the second stop will be in Tijuana on June 17th, and the third stop will be in Mexico City on August 12th.

The Guerra de Rivalidades tournament will be a feature attraction that spans all three Triplemania events. Four tag teams consist of one tecnico and one rudo. The first round will take place in Monterrey. The losers advanced to Tijuana. Losers advance once again to a lucha de apuestas (mask vs. mask, mask vs. hair, or hair vs. hair) in Mexico City for the grand finale.

Alberto will participate in Guerra de Rivalidades with Pentagon Jr. as his partner. This means that it is possible that Alberto will be the main eventer Triplemania XXXI Against the pentagram in the hair against the mask.

The official domain of Guerra de Rivalidades includes:

  • Psycho clown Sam Adonis
  • Pagano & Rush
  • Pentagon Jr. and Alberto L. Patrón
  • Blue Demon Jr. & DMT Azul

Excited for AAA’s 2023 Schedule of Highlights? Which team are you hoping to see in the Guerra de Rivalidades final?

Editor’s note: It was Alberto, whose real name was Jose Rodríguez Chocuán Accused On charges of sexual assault and aggravated kidnapping in 2020. The case was eviction The following year, when the witness did not appear in court.

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