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Alex Riley crashed and crashed in his NWA comeback match

Nawaf Said

It’s been six years since Alex Riley last wrestled in a televised promotion. He was invited to compete by the NWA against EC3 at EC3 Naf said PPV. Riley crashed and burned her way to defeat.

Riley entered with his name changed to Kevin Kelly, which was his real name. Riley was in public clothes as if he had just stepped out of the street.

Nawaf Said

Kelly worked a base game to start as EC3 beat him in the shutout. Kelly is back in the groove with shoulder blocks, hip throws, and corner spots. Kelly went to spray the corner a little too much. EC3 leapt into the air to snake eyes the circular column. EC3 dominated with a methodical pain-killing offense. EC3 also ran at his mouth mockingly. Knowing EC3’s penchant for head gaming and controlling your narrative, reverse psychology can also serve as motivation.

Kelly swarmed with a swing-neck sweater and a spine-tingling beater. EC3 is released for security. Kelly was hot with fire. He took off his shirt and ran across the ring to jump across the ropes to the outside. This was his intention. Unfortunately, Kelly didn’t clear the spike and fell hard to the ground. EC3 pulled Kiley back into the ring to put him out of his misery with a submission.

That was an interesting story brewing to see Kelly find his old routine coming back to him. Instead of reaching for glory one last time, Kelly fell into the flames trying moves his older self wasn’t quite to pull off like he had in his younger days. I have no idea if the crossover incident was intentional. I’m leaning towards yes based on the CYN story of the match, however, this was a very dangerous way to implement a fake bug. Time will tell if this is one thing and done for Kiley in the NWA.

Want to see Kevin Kelly continue his wrestling career?

Get the full results for a file Naf said here. PPV is available through Fit TV.

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