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Alexa Bliss has some explaining to do

Fans hungry for some big developments in Bray Wyatt’s story might want to tune in raw This Monday (9 January).

A week after breaking Bianca Belair’s face with a pair of DDTs on the ring steps — moves that appeared to have been spurred on by two “fans” in Uncle Howdy masks and Watt’s Moth emblem on the Titantron during last week’s Raw Women’s Championship match — Bliss will be on TV. Monday night to “explain her brutal actions.”

Alexa wasn’t selling the other Wyatt-related signs that popped up around her, and her actions that followed some of them. However, this would be difficult to wave.

Even with Pitch Black’s match with LA Knight coming up at the end of the month, we haven’t gotten many answers about Wyatt and/or Howdy on SmackDown. Can we finally get some? raw?

Whatever explanation Bliss gives us, he joins in, “What’s next for Austin’s theory after he successfully defended the United States Championship against Seth Rollins?” As the only things announced raw. The episode will air opposite the College Football National Championship game between Georgia and TCU.

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