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Andrea Shaw and Cyd Gillon Share Olympian Winning Training Secrets

Champion athletes not only want to get better, but they also want to help others improve. In a recent episode of Femme Flex Friday, the three-time Ms. Olympia Andrea Shaw and six-time Figure Olympia champion Cydney Gillon join host Alina Popa in a gym to share the secrets that helped them become world champions in their respective divisions. Gillon was first, and he shared that he stressed his back in preparation for competitions.

“Everybody knows that a V-taper is very important,” says Gillon. He went on to share that the importance of that taper is because of the division he is competing in. Figure athletes face the front, side, and back. That’s all they do for the judges. To maximize the V-taper, Gillon likes to use pullups and lat pulldowns with a wide grip.

“Everything is focused on the outside, pulling down and out. Not necessarily on the inside because I don’t need that kind of depth and breadth.”

Next up is Shaw, and the three-time Rising Phoenix champ joins the eight-time Ms. Olympia Lenda Murray in the gym to give her own favorite moves. Shaw targets the shoulders, and especially the rear delts with the rear delt flye.

“When done correctly, the back delts are involved as well as some of the upper back muscles,” he explains. While demonstrating the movement, Shaw shared why he feels it can be a tricky area for some competitors and fitness enthusiasts.

“Most people tend to train what they see in the mirror. So, it definitely takes a little more effort to really go after the things you can’t see,” said Shaw. “Keep a tall posture, and control the weight.”

Gillon and Shaw share more than a focus on form, so make sure you watch the full show to learn what it takes to improve your back. Femme Flex Friday airs every Friday on Olympia TV. You can also follow @femmeflexfriday on Instagram for updates and behind the scenes content.


Olympia Champions Andrea Shaw and Lenda Murray

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