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Aron Stevens’ messed up his NWA wedding

NWA Powerrr

What do you hear? Wedding bells are in the air.

Aron Stevens was ready to marry his NWA sweetheart, May Valentine, on the first-ever live episode of Powerer. The man formerly known as Damien Sandow is a performer of many roles, and now it’s time to take on his most important role yet. that husband. Unfortunately, Stevens spoils his wedding.

The wedding ceremony begins 1:19:34 Mark from Powerer.

Honorable Sam Tiano officiated at the wedding. If this name sounds a little familiar, you must be wrong. It was definitely not Santino Marella. (Yes, it was.) Aaron Stevens and May Valentine made their way to the altar. Just look at all the joy.

NWA Powerrr

Stevens prepared poetic compliments for his bribery. He is elegantly dressed and talking to the class. After the wedding, it’ll be all in that (ass)… Santino cut it to keep it clean. Valentine gave up on Love before meeting Stevens. She was eager to spend the rest of her life with him.

Santino asked for no objections. Polo del Mar, Mercurio and Natalia Markova have all said that Valentin was making a mistake. They viewed Stevens as a sneaky Nogodnik. Valentine can’t be swinging. Her mind was set to marry Stephens.

Santino asked for a marriage certificate, whereupon the ceremony collapsed. Stevens submits the papers, but Santino notices an error. Valentin is a Brazilian citizen residing in the United States and holding a green card. Although Valentine is a permanent resident, she is not a US citizen. The model Stephens used was marriage between citizens. Santino refused to break the law and certify the marriage. The marriage can still take place with the proper documents, but it won’t happen tonight. Stevens spoils his wedding.

Some would claim that this was an innocent mistake. Others would say that Stevens did it on purpose, as he had no intention of actually marrying Valentine. The story indicates that Stevens was a bastard.

Valentine was afraid of embarrassment. She hit Stevens with the bouquet, broke the flower pots, and smashed the cake. When Valentine grabbed a bottle of champagne with anger in her eyes, Stevens cowered behind his buddies, Carnage and Damage. Valentine broke the bottle over Harm’s head. The bride shouted at her groom, “I hate you!”

Well, professional wrestling weddings have a terrible conversion rate, but I wasn’t expecting an outcome this way. The clergy is kind of tame compared to the messy weddings of the past. Although the ceremony was visually interesting with some amusing storylines, it ran too long and felt like a waste of time as the main part of the action Powerer. My official result is Failed.

What is the order of this wedding ceremony in the scale of gladiatorial weddings?

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