You are currently viewing “Avid WWE fan” Stephanie McMahon is wrapping up her busy week with surgery

“Avid WWE fan” Stephanie McMahon is wrapping up her busy week with surgery

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Last Friday, Stephanie McMahon was the Chairperson and Co-CEO of WWE. She began the day with a press release that assured investors and the world at large that all was business as usual at the company after her father Vince returned, and then delivered a similar message to employees that afternoon.

Days later, she was announcing her resignation, leading to a whirlwind of rampant rumours, reports, and speculation. Even though she is no longer with WWE, she is still financially (she owns approximately 2.5% of the stock) and personally (her husband Paul “Triple H” Levesque still works there as a content officer) invested in his future. And the same Read bios for social media now, she is a “passionate WWE fan”. The week has undoubtedly been a rollercoaster for her.

How do you conclude this? If you were Steve, with ankle surgery! Her first commentary since leaving WWE revealed that after admitting to the insanity of the past seven days.

She still uses the same orthopedic team in Birmingham, Alabama that the company does. There really isn’t anything to read in it. Considering the number of different surgeries Dr. Andrews and his team have performed on McMahon’s family and friends, this makes perfect sense.

Get well soon, Stephanie! I hope life will become at least a little less stressful for you during your ankle rehabilitation.

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