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Baron Corbin is trying to figure out what he’s doing

One week after his relationship with JBL caught fire, Baron Corbin had another bad night raw.

The February 13th episode saw his interview with Sami Zayn get bumped, and when he complained about it, Cody Rhodes smacked his ass (to be fair, Rhodes let it slip out of his mouth for his injury, shoved him, shoved his brother, but stepped in when he mentioned Dusty and only hit him when he was about to mention his beloved dog).

This led to an exclusive online interview where Corbyn pointedly said he was “struggling,” and, “Look, I’m trying to figure out what I’m doing, where I’m going. I don’t know yet.”

Whether Wrestling God 2.0 with JBL was designed to fail and get us to this point with Corbin is an interesting question. Either way, Barron’s search for a character that clicks is now a story. Not much has worked out for a man WWE has invested a lot of time in over the years, and who everyone in the locker room praises – in general, and especially as a dance partner inside the ring.

Based on last night, Corbin appears to be heading towards something like the Lone Wolf representation he walked out on from NXT in 2016. That would make sense. As much as we loved the Bum Ass routine he was doing during the ThunderDome era, something like this probably doesn’t have a long shelf life. WWE also historically considers Corbin to be the top type/main event gatekeeper, and it’s hard to do that with a comedic character.

Tell us where you think Baron/Constable/King/Bum Ass/Happy Corbin will go next, Cagesiders.

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