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Bayley knows who she wants to fight at WrestleMania

It’s not easy for women to get paid matches in WWE when there’s no championship at stake. As a result, many fans are wondering what creative plans WWE will come up with for superstars like Becky Lynch and Bayley, who should definitely have a place in the franchise. WrestleMania 39 But it is not currently in the mix for the title.

Bringing in part-timers like Trish Stratus and Lita might be one way to solve this problem. However, there is at least one clear opponent on Bailey’s table. I’m talking about her old enemy, Michael Cole, of course.

While appearing on WWE’s bumpBayley said she eventually wants to fight Cole V WrestleMania And he ends his undefeated streak with one win:

“I would like to have a match with Michael Cole. I mean, he comes up to me every time I see him and says, ‘When are we having our match? I am invincible. Let’s do it.’

And I’m like, Dude, I have a lot to do. But there will come a day when I can finally yell at him and maybe even take his job.”

I want him next WrestleMania. I want Kayla [Braxton] as a special guest referee.”

Do you want to see Bayley fire Michael Cole and take his job, Cagesiders?

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