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Bianca Belair’s funny Royal Rumble streak may end this year

Although the women’s Royal Rumble has only been around for five short years, current Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair is without a doubt the greatest performer in its short history. She only competed in three of those five matches, but had 13 eliminations, one win, and was Iron Woman in all three matches:

In 2020, it entered second place going 33:20.
In 2021, she entered in third place with a time of 56:52.
In 2022, I entered eighth and went 47:30.

Only Stone Cold Steve Austin has been Iron Man on three separate occasions, and the men’s Rumble dates back to 1988. He hasn’t done it three times in a row.

Sadly, it seems entirely possible, and probably also likely, that her streak will end this year. She will enter this year’s event as Raw Women’s Champion with a singles match scheduled against Alexa Bliss for her title.

She is, then, in danger of not entering the women’s Royal Rumble match and thus not even getting a chance to keep her streak. It’s at least possible that she could lose to Bliss and have another deep run in the Rumble but that doesn’t seem likely.

Either way, what a run.

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