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Body Strengthening Positions: Rear Double Biceps

While the front double is actually the mark of a bodybuilder, it is an arm pose. The back double is more than the front double from the back. The back double biceps shot is actually a back shot. Combined with the back lat spread, these two poses emphasize half of the body, from head to toe. Since bodybuilding contests are won and lost from behind, you can safely assume that hitting this shot on the right account for 50% of whether or not you win the show. So, make sure you have this pose before you dream of stepping on a stage. For that matter, you need to get them all down before you enter a bodybuilding competition.

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As with other mandatory poses, remember, the idea here is standardization for judging purposes. While you should always strive to make every pose your own, don’t overdo it. Hiding your weak points is acceptable and a little flair is ok, too much is not. Pay attention to the athletes who have won and use them as a guide for how far you can go. And, of course, common sense goes a long way. Save the theater for your routine.

classic double back
Chris Nicoll / M+F Magazine

Hit the Rear Double Biceps Pose

  1. As with all poses, start on your feet and progress. I
  2. Instead of the two heels being close together like in the front double, drop one leg back and slightly to the side, with your knee rotating slightly inward. This is where you present your hamstrings, glutes and calves. A lot of guys overdo it when they plant their back leg – stomping, rotating their knee in and out, running their hands through their hamstrings…. Too much. If you’re in shape, there’s no need to be dirty. You pop everything yourself.
  3. Flex your calves (the back is heel up, the front is heel on the floor and pulled together with the hamstring), squeeze your hams and glutes.
  4. At the same time, extend your arms to each side, pull your elbows back as you rotate your elbows and your fists rest above your ears. If you have a Christmas tree, now is a good time to light it.
  5. Pull your elbows in slightly as you flex your biceps, along with all the muscles in your upper and middle back.
  6. Finally – my pet peeve – SIT YOUR HEAD UP! It doesn’t matter which side, just turn it over. Doing so lengthens and emphasizes a trapezius muscle and connects one to an interesting knot. For some reason, men began to remove the head twist. Big mistake.

Finding a top pro or pros you want to follow here doesn’t have to be the same guy in every pose. If you like the way Ronnie Coleman points his arms, copy his posing style. Doesn’t mean you have to copy his lat spread if you favor Joel Stubbs’.

For stellar rear doubles, check out, Kai Green, Ronnie Coleman, Samir.

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