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Bodybuilder Logan Franklin “Cried For 3 Days” After Withdrawing From 2022 Olympia, Plans To Return In 2023

Before the annual Olympia begins, there is always a bit of a flurry of surprising last-minute withdrawals. One of the bodybuilders who surprisingly bowed out of the 2022 iteration was Classic Physique competitor Logan “The Texas Oak” Franklin. Perhaps best known for his Men’s Physique victories at the 2020 New York Pro and 2018 Tampa Pro, it looks like Franklin will try to build on a ninth-place Olympia finish from 2020. Instead, the athlete will have to leave disappointed. from his potential second. opportunity for the highest title in bodybuilding.

On January 31, 2023, during an interview with Muscular DevelopmentFranklin mentioned the aftermath of his difficult decision to withdraw from the 2022 Olympia. Although the athlete did not reveal why he decided not to compete, he maintained that he is ready to look ahead and try to make 2023 another productive year in his career.

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After stopping at the finish line of the year-long competition, Franklin shared that she was understandably shaken by her choice. To be so close to a high-profile athletic endeavor but ultimately not participate can be difficult for any competitive personality.

This made Franklin quite emotional.

“It’s angry. The whole ordeal is very frustrating.” Franklin said. “I cried for three days after this. I can’t stop crying, all the work that comes, thinking about a year’s worth. … Putting in all the work and all the effort, creating a routine that I want to present, and how I feel about my progress leading up to the show. I was very disappointed and had to make that decision. But we have to make very difficult decisions to move on with life.”

With mutterings about who might compete in the upcoming 2023 Arnold Classic, Franklin made it clear that his next competitive appearance will not be in Columbus, OH. It seems that a change is too soon after his latest ventures, which will not allow him to recover as much as he would like.

“Arnold [Classic] it’s so close, I need to rest,” Franklin explained. “I’ve only trained four times in the last five to six weeks. Going to the Arnold is not in the cards for me. In a full long year, I need to let my body rest. I’m not one of these guys who’s going to keep showing up, and doing it for years and years and years. That’s how you run your body and eventually you will fall. I want a long life.”

As for what the future holds in the long term, Franklin said he will now coach himself during his training routine for now. He used to work with experienced coaches like Miloš Šarčev. Franklin explained that this path will make him “bet on himself” as he works towards his return to competition at the 2023 Texas Pro on August 19, 2023, in Irving, TX. For this Texas native, who just missed the title of that competition in 2021, there is probably no better place to show his hard work and mass again.

It looks like this is just the first step in his big ambitions this year.

“I plan to win the [2023] Texas Pro,” Franklin said. “It’s right here, not my hometown but my home state, in Dallas. I lost that show at some point in 2021, so it’s a good show to get back out there and get some redemption. the [2023] The Olympia will be 11 weeks after the Texas Pro, and then I’ll do the [2023] Hawaii Pro in Nov. 20. That was two weeks after Mr. Olympia, so I can just prepare for those three shows and knock them out, bam-bam.

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Some athletes may take more time to recalibrate and figure out what’s next after stopping their professional plans. That’s because such decisions often carry a ton of weight and can be overwhelming. For Franklin, it looks like he’s dealt with what happened and is ready to shine on stage again.

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