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BPI’s Leadership Can Be Credited to Community and Connections

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If you walk into a fitness expo like the World FItness Expo in Olympia, you will see many booths with supplement companies that are starting up and hoping to become a big hit in the industry. Some companies do this while others do not. Being successful for a decade is a testament to the company’s quality and commitment.

BPI has not only been successful for over a decade, but they have gone from a disrupter in the supplement space to an industry leader. The Florida-based company is most famous for their 1.MR (One More Rep) preworkout supplement they introduced a few years ago, but their entire line of sports nutrition products has proven to be serving their customers worldwide.

CEO Chris MacKenzie and Vice-President Whitney Reid have been a tag-team in maximizing BPI’s growth over the past decade plus. While they are based in the United States, they have an international appeal that has grown in leaps and bounds, including in the Middle East.

“Over the past two years, we have built an incredible business in the Middle East Region. Just a few weeks ago when I visited Dubai for the Muscle Classic, I was captivated by the fandom surrounding bodybuilding,” Reid said. .

Whitney Reid

Regarding their strategy here at home, BPI has established themselves as a leading company one product at a time and one customer at a time. They found a new level of success after they reached out to Walmart to start stocking their supplements on their shelves. Reid credits MacKenzie with taking that step in 2013.

“He came to offer our first product Walmart (1MR Vortex), and shortly after that we added our aminos and haven’t looked back since. There is no risk in having the largest retailer in the country carry your brand.

Today, the line has expanded to include products from the Titan Series. Former M&F cover model Mike O’Hearn is associated with BPI to create his own line, and he became the first athlete to have his own line of products on the shelves of Walmart.

BPI continues to expand its reach beyond bodybuilding into other industries such as the world of hip-hop. In 2022, BPI released a preworkout in honor of Method Man and released a special flavor of their reinvented 1.MR after the one and only DJ Superstar Jay. They have other allies in that space as well, including Ace Hood and Waka Flacka. Reid shared that those alliances were formed through a common bond of love for training.

“Ace, Waka, DJ Superstar Jay and Method Man are all gym enthusiasts and have real stories about their fitness journey. I feel there is a huge consumer market that we can help them reach their fitness goals. “

BPI CEO Chris MacKenzie with wrestler Billy Gunn and Hadid Choopan
Whitney Reid

In the world of professional wrestling, BPI at one time worked with the one and only Hulk Hogan. Nowadays, All Elite Wrestling can be considered an upstart promotion now that the BPI is still in its early days. They have a combination of veterans and rising stars that keep their fans interested. Two of the stars are the legendary Billy Gunn, who has been creating moments for fans since the 1990’s, and Danhausen, a lighter athlete who is well known for his entertainment factor because he is his matches. Both men had their own preworkouts that were a big hit with AEW’s audience.

“I think it’s a perfect fit that guys who train and perform on an almost daily basis are connected to a supplement brand,” Reid said. “I’m surprised more brands don’t work with wresters. These guys are on national TV with their shirts off every week lol. It’s a great way to get brand exposure.”

Another way that has helped them increase exposure is through social media. They know that working with influencers on both a macro and micro level works on multiple fronts. Thanks to the combination of people with 100,000 followers as well as those with 1,000, the brand grows one customer at a time, and BPI plays a role in introducing people to the health industry who can make a positive difference. . Like influencers, Reid feels the brand evolves and evolves with the times, and they can help the people they work with do the same.

“I think this is the typical evolution of sports nutrition brands. At one point we were the young cool niche brand but we have matured as a brand and personally.

While the BPI team is good at increasing knowledge from various fields, their roots and most loyal customer base have always been bodybuilding and fitness fans. Many fans will be watching closely as BPI team members Kamal Elgargni and India Paulino compete at the 2022 Olympia weekend.

“I’ve been going to the Olympia for 15+ years, same as Chris. We keep up with all the industry news/gossip and follow bodybuilding. We’re true fans of the sport. We live it,” Reid said proudly. . “All the way to India and Kamal. We are so proud of our two marque athletes that they have both stepped on the stage. This is Kamal’s fourth Olympia at 212 and India’s eighth in Bikini. It is amazing to work with these two athlete who continues to win / compete at the highest level.”

As BPI athletes compete on the Olympia stage, the company itself will continue to work to grow and help more people reach their health potential. 1.MR has been re=released with a new formula, and they are releasing more products and flavors in the coming weeks. As with all businesses, the plan may change over time, but the mission remains the same.

“Through it all we still maintain a unique organic connection with our consumers. This is evident from our arrival on social media. It is evolutionary. No brand attracts everyone on day one. We have built a following and gained the word is out there and most importantly helps consumers achieve their goals. We have had success in every category leading to a wide fanbase,” explained Reid.

Follow the BPI on Instagram @bpi_sports and go to for more information about the new and improved 1.MR as well as their other supplements.

This is sponsored content. M&F does not endorse the websites or products listed in this article.

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