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Brian Danielson’s arm is badly messed up, and Timothy Thatcher is waiting


Bryan Danielson needed to beat Brian Cage on January 25th dynamite To keep his dream alive, he challenged Maxwell Jacob Friedman for the AEW World Championship in an Iron Man match revolution. But considering MJF gave Prince Nana and Brian Cage a big envelope full of “money” to break Danielson’s arm, the biggest challenge was getting out of tonight’s match unscathed.

Cage did his best in the match, targeting American Dragon’s left shoulder the entire time.

Brian fought through the pain for an overall win, but it wasn’t 100%. He definitely wasn’t able to fight Cage and Nana, let alone a champion. An enraged MJF hit the ring to direct the machine attack on his rival’s arm…

…and went on to finish the job himself by diving into the chair that was wrapped around Danielson’s arm. Fortunately for Brian, the first man he defeats succeeds in his rescue quest. The mutual respect between the dragon and Konosuke Takeshita paid off!

After a commercial, Renee Paquette meets Danielson while being examined by Dr. Michael Sampson. Doc said he didn’t think Bryan would be able to wrestle anytime soon (I couldn’t even guess on transcription of Sampson’s initial diagnosis), but the raging dragon vowed to not only wrestle, but to expose MJF as a coward in the process.

You know who doesn’t care? This guy who’s going to bring one of the best technical wrestlers in the world to finish the job next Wednesday…

Are you ready to face Bryan Danielson vs Timothy Thatcher? Do you think we’ll have Konosuke Takeshita vs MKF soon?

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