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Bully Ray helps Tyrus overcome Matt Cardona’s shenanigans to remain the NWA World Champion

Nawaf Said

Tyros and Matt Cardona battled it out in the main event Naf said to determine the undisputed NWA Heavyweight Champion. The stipulation was supposed to be No Seconds Ringside for a one-on-one match. Deception erupted with op bumps, glaring outsider interference, and an unexpected helping hand from Bully Ray. At the end of the night, Tyrus remains a hero. Naf said.

Cardona was cocky in jail to start the match, shoving him in the ass. Cardona went for a second lockup, and was pushed across the face. The third lock resulted in a groin throw by Tyrus. Cardona secured a headlock, but was sent into the ropes as he bounced into a shoulder blade from the champion. Cardona walked out of the ring to regroup.

Cardona had his eye on Bully at the commentary table, and that allowed Tyrus time to pull Cardona back into the ring. Cardona defeated Tyrus on his return by kicking the ropes in the crotch of the champion. Cardona took control of the stump chopper to send the tree to the mat. Cardona continued to attack the legs by introducing a figure-four. Tyrus begins to reverse the situation, so Cardona bails out.

Tyrus threw a flying touchdown kick and fired two consecutive splashes from the corner. Tyros went for the third, but Cardona evaded connection. Tire crashed in the corner. Cardona slammed three straight runs from the restart to mush. Cardona thought he had won the match, however, Tyrus walked out on the cover.

Cardona panicked and grabbed the title belt like a foreign object. While the referee tried to confiscate ten pounds of gold, Tyrus charged with a clothesline. Cardona bowed, and Tyrus flattened the ref. Tyrus maintained his focus with an explosive blast and an elbow drop on Cardona. 1, 2, 3… The referee is still off the field, so there was no official count.

Rolando Freeman ran with a chair to attack Tyre. The giant felt no pain and sent the little dancer into a suplex explosive beam. Cardona grabbed the chair to wail at Tyre. He hit Tyrus with the title belt as a good measure. At that point, the reference was revived a bit. 1, 2, parcel by photo.

Cardona threatened the referee in the corner. Tyros attacked, Cardona dodged, and Tyros caught the referee in a corner kick. Ref down again!

Mike Knox ran a cross-body run on Tyros. Knox set the shoe for the champion. Cardona kicked Knoxy away to play it safe and avoid disqualification. Knox grabbed the ring bell, aiming to deal more damage. That’s when Bully has seen enough. He came out of the hold to beat Knox on the outside. Cardona was distracted by the activity. Cardona was hit with a death grip by Tyros in Tonga. Cardona could not break free. Tyrus held him up for a chokehold to gain victory.

Nawaf Said

In the aftermath, Bully cuts a promo on Tyrus. The guy hit his ass to get to where he is today. The bully saw him thrive from a dumb dancing shit (like Funkasaurus) to becoming one of the most credible world champions in business today. Tyros earned his place, and that deserves respect. Tire appreciated the kind words. As a thank you for the help, Tyrus will sign a title match contract anytime Bully wants a shot. Make no mistake though. They are not friends. Microphone drop by Tyrus.

This was a kind of wild sports recreational fighting. With all the bumps of the referee and the interference of cheating on Cardona’s behalf, they managed to create drama as to who would win. I thought Bully’s presence was a guarantee of getting physical, and he did. I wasn’t sure if he was going to side with the scoundrels to help Cardona. Instead, Bully is lining up as Tyrus’ future high-profile rival. There’s no guarantee Bully is next, but I think it’s safe to assume that this fight will take place on PPV soon enough.

Did your photos earn your respect? Interested in Tyrus vs Bully Ray for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship?

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