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Bully Ray isn’t done with the impact and he’s got his revenge on his mind

Impact have done a great job capitalizing on the free agent scene the past few years with a revolving door of new faces. In general, Impact is able to bring in wrestlers and augment their talent for story purposes. This is usually done on a tighter budget compared to WWE and AEW, which leads to short-term runs of free agent acquisitions.

When Bully Ray made a surprise appearance in Bound for glory in October. He went straight into the main event picture to challenge Josh Alexander for the Impact World Championship. The storyline began with Bully winning the Call Your Shot Gauntlet, pretending to be a changed man, then a complete cheating heel turn as an act of con for the entire company.

The reward was Bully’s title shot at Full Metal Mayhem Hard to kill Friday night (January 13). It was a slick sports-entertainment spectacle as Alexander delivered the bully via an ankle lock.

That moment was the satisfying conclusion to a three-month story. Due to the revolving door of free agent emergence and the fact that Bully is not a spring chicken, the question arose of whether this was the end of Bully’s time in the area of ​​influence.

The same man answered that question on the Busted Open podcast the day after he fell short of his goal of winning the Impact World Title.

Bully Ray: I’ll be hanging around for a while, and revenge is definitely on my mind. Whether it’s with Josh Alexander, whether it’s with his wife, whether it’s with Tommy Dreamer. So, we’ll see what happens. I’ll stick.

Achieving a rematch with Alexander shouldn’t be too difficult. The bully was so mad at his own mind games that Alexander would likely enjoy another sip of inflicting pain on Bully. But, Alexander will have new rivals ahead of him, so Bully will have to wait his turn.

In the meantime, we could be waiting for the violence against women between Bully and Dreamer to return. Bully blatantly used his friendship with Dreamer to get his way into Impact, then put Dreamer in the hospital with a gruesome attack. Dreamer had a small amount of redemption in a Full Metal Mayhem bout by executing a double swerve on Bully. Dreamer ran to send Bully’s goons, then tricked Bully into thinking he was going to side with his ex-boyfriend. Dreamer sucked the bully into smashing a garbage can on his head. The bully responded by knocking Dreamer through a table.

There is certainly room for a legends match between Bully and Dreamer to settle the score.

As for Alexander’s feelings after Full Metal Mayhem, the walking weapon showed why he’s the benchmark on Impact as a Universal Champion. None of Bully’s shady acronyms will ever beat Alexander’s heart and passion.

Are you happy to see more Bully Ray in action? Who would you like to see Bully feud with in the next few months?

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