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Bully Ray powerbombed the boss swaying through a table

Oops, Bully Ray has done it again. His scumbag nature reared its ugly head once again to powerbomb Scott D’Amore through a table in the main event division of Impact wrestling.

A bully is no stranger to hitting the Impact boss through a table. He’s done it before with Dixie Carter when she was in charge.

Now, it’s D’Amore’s turn to bite the dust.

The scene unfolded when Bully was abducted at the end of the show. He concocted announcer Tom Hanifan, who cowered in the corner, avoiding eye contact. Bully went to the ring to call out Josh Alexander or else he would crack skulls, except the whole world knew Alexander wasn’t in the building. Bully wasn’t even supposed to be there. D’Amore ordered both of them to stay in the house until Full Metal Mayhem’s fight for the Impact World Championship Hard to kill On January 13th. The intention was to prevent chaos between the two.

Since Alexander obviously wasn’t going to show up, D’Amore stepped up to try to restore order. The Impact honcho made fun of Bully’s tough guy routine. Banter is exchanged with D’Amore to point out how Bully will end up as a sad, pathetic, lonely man after kicking everyone out in an obsession with winning the world title. Bully responded that he would not feel sad, pathetic, or lonely when he next became a three-time Impact World Champion. Respect and other people’s opinions mean nothing to bullying.

The bully prompted D’Amore to punch him in the face. Dimore obliged.

The bully trap has spread. John Skyler and Jason Hotch ran in to hold D’Amore while Bully kicked his boss in the gut. Bully added a piledriver and then a powerbomb through a table.

Medical staff arrived to place a neck brace on D’Amore and help him reach safety.

In another work of Impact wrestling:

  • Taylor Wilde defeated Masha Salamović. Down the stretch, Salamović was in control. I lost focus by spitting at Deonna Purrazzo, who was working on the commentary. Back in the ring, Wilde faked a suplex to go into an inside cradle for the win. Salamović was enraged by the defeat and grabbed ring announcer David Binzer. When security intervened, Snow splattered a guard to the ground.
  • Sami Callihan wanted an answer from determination by the end of the night about joining their crew. Denner responded later in the broadcast. To join the design, the person must be stripped of identity in order to reach its purest form. It is a long, difficult and violent process. If Callihan is interested, cutting every hair on his head next week in the ring would be the first move.
  • Rich Swan challenged Steve McClain to fall anywhere in the Hard to kill. McClane could try to bag Swann, but he’d have to fight all night to do so.
  • Black Bull defeated Anthony Green. A competitive match for Greene’s Impact debut. Taurus turned the tide to crush Greene with the backbreaker and Destination Hellhole piledriver. Afterwards, Green was assisted in the back by an official. Trey Miguel punched Green and drew him as an intimidating message to Taurus before the X-Division Title defense at Hard to kill.
  • Kenny King visited Montreal, Quebec looking for Mike Bailey to expose real speedball. King Dugu Bailey entered and beat up his students. Back in the area of ​​effect, Billy was enraged and challenged King to a pit fight. No ropes, win by KO or submission. (Full details here.)
  • Jonathan Grisham defeated Ernest R Anthony. Squash comedy with Grisham picking Anthony away. The octopus used a kind of octopus pin to put Anthony out of his misery.
  • Tasha Stiles lamented her tag team loss with Savannah Evans to the Death Dollz. Giselle Shaw and Jay Vidal are close to looking for a partnership. The numbers would be in their favor 4 to 3. Steeles wasn’t interested in Shaw’s attempts to destroy another tag team, but Evans was curious to hear Shaw’s strategy.
  • Josh Alexander broke the record as the longest reigning Impact World Champion at 257 days and counting. (Full details here.)
  • Moose believes that the reason Joe Hendry has always been happy is because he has never faced adversity. Moose plans to take Hendry to Hell and back and have fun doing it in the Impact Digital Media Championship contest at Hard to kill. Moss called on Hendry to start early. Hendry entered with a new moose song. It was a joke that made fun of moose dancing.
  • Mickie James spoke about her career in retrospect. An interesting video to watch to get an insight into her journey. (Full details here.)
  • Impact aired a tribute package to Don West. (Full details here.)
  • Chris Sabin defeated Matt Cardona. Alex Shelley got tired of Brian Myers messing around and chased him around the ring. Sabin hit a suicide dunk on the key players. The contest progressed with Cardona landing a free kick. Sabin ate the contact and shot the Cradle Shock finisher for the win.

Bully Ray powerbombing Scott D’Amore has been coming for a long time. D’Amore had been feeling froggy with bravado for a few weeks. He just didn’t act on it. That was until now. D’Amore threw the first punch and paid the price. This adds another record to the fire of wanting to see Josh Alexander punish Bully in Full Metal Mayhem. The bully has left a trail of dead bodies lying in his wake, looking for gold, and retribution will come.

The only thing I could think of to make this part fall a little short is that no one comes to D’Amore’s defense. He talked about locker room cultivation, yet not a single wrestler tried to save him. I understand that portraying Alexander is the ultimate savior for story reasons. It’s just that there was plenty of time for someone to get between Bully’s piledriver and powerbomb. Makes me question the promotional materials. D’Amore spoke of being respected and well-liked. Bully talked about not caring, and he was proven right when D’Amore was left on his own to fend for himself.

Impact has so far dropped the ball on Taylor Wilde’s reinvention. The Wilde Witch vignette was kind of cool, but that aspect hasn’t been expanded upon at all since then. It’s basically Wilde in a different costume. I got a solid win over Masha Salamović, which was surprising. My initial reaction was that the result was a questionable booking decision given how dominant Slamovich was, however, Impact turned it around well enough with Slamovich’s violent outburst in the aftermath. This keeps the intrigue and mystery around Salamović in the future.

The comedy was mature with Jay Vidal and Ernest R. Anthony. Vidal’s facial expressions made me laugh. The joy in his smile is contagious. Anthony was on the goofy side as a greenhorn, but I was impressed with how well he sold the pain in his knee. This was the kind of Jobber performance that stands out.

Video packages of Mickie James, Josh Alexander, and Don West were the highlights of this episode. The sentimentality of James’ piece was so touching that it brought me back to its corner. I was firmly on Jordyn Grace’s side for James’ retirement. After this video, I wouldn’t mind seeing James win the Knockouts Championship and continue wrestling for much longer.

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