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Cena will drive a bazooka, rock a skirt and heels in upcoming movies

John Cena has not been officially announced X is fastthe latest installment in the billion-dollar Fast & Furious franchise.

Fans of the series thought Cena’s Jacob Toretto would return after his debut F9, seeing him make peace with older brother Dom (the Vin Diesel character whose discourses about family are as much a staple of these movies as crazy car chases). The set of photos seem to confirm this. But we didn’t know for sure until the teasers for the May 19 movie, which was released this week, started rolling out.

A full trailer dropped today, in which we learn a little bit about what Jacob will be up to in his second run in the Fast Universe. It’s all above, but if you’re just here to see Cena…he looks grumpy, which is kind of Jake’s whole deal, and also the right mentality to launch giant rockets strapped to the side of your muscle car.

But as anyone who’s ever watched Cena go from goofy to deadly dangerous during a wrestling promotion knows, the 16-time WWE World Champion has range. So it is appropriate to have a X is fast trailer drops, TMZ It also brings us some set photos from the project John is currently filming in Australia, Peter Farrelly’s Ricky Stanecki.

In these, Cena… bazookas don’t shoot cars.

We don’t object much to the context of this stuff, but it’s not too hard to imagine how it would fit into a film directed by him Dumb and dumber which contains the following plot summary:

Ricky Stanicki is a fictional character used by a group of married friends to blame them for their misbehavior when making excuses to their wives. When the wives suspect they’ve never met this person, the husbands find someone to play the fictional character.

Put it all together, and — while we’re excited to see it WrestleMania 39 – This could be Cena’s next role that we aren’t looking forward to much.

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