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Chelsea Green is “Karen”

The wrestler who returned at the Royal Rumble would like to speak to your manager.

Chelsea Green’s return to the company that brought her back in 2021 has been an open secret for several months. And her signing with WWE isn’t the only thing we’ve heard in advance about her appearance at the Royal Rumble on Saturday night (January 28). The day before she briefly entered the women’s Rumble match at the Alamodome in San Antonio, combat selection He reported on “temporary creative plans” as a gimmick to Green’s main roster.

Those plans called for the former Impact Knockouts champ “to play a comedic ‘Karen’ type character.”

If you didn’t know, over the past several years the name “Karen” has become a pejorative applied to middle- or upper-class white women whose entitlement causes them to go out of their way to complain about things… real, and even when it doesn’t affect “Karen” concerned.

We didn’t need to wait long to see WWE’s plan for Green come to fruition. Eventual winner Rhea Ripley removed her from the Rumble five seconds after entering it, setting a new record among women’s wrestlers. This gave Chelsea’s Karen something to complain about…

Fans who are familiar with Green’s previous work – particularly her mid-2010 stint on Impact as “Laurel Van Ness” – know this gimmick is definitely in her wheelhouse. Will this help her better than some of the other female talent Triple H has brought back to the company over the past several months?

If this does not happen, Chelsea must ask to speak to the game manager.

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