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CM Punk takes a shot at AEW after winning the award

AEW Dynamite

Pro Wrestling Illustrated The awards edition was rolled out, and the AEW World Champion MJF took home two prestigious awards: “Most Hated Wrestler of the Year” and “Feud of the Year” for his feud with CM Punk.

MJF took to social media to celebrate his new device. In one of the photos he posted to Instagram, MJF placed a piece of ribbon over Punk’s name on the “Feud of the Year” award plaque.

Punk responded with the following comment, and took a shot at the AEW ratings:

AEW dynamiteHis ratings have been pretty good this week, so perhaps CM was pointing to the obvious overall trend of AEW’s ratings dropping since he was removed from television in September following a media tirade and backstage fight with The Elite at All Out 2022.

Just the fact that Punk is hammering here will no doubt fuel the fire of people who think he and AEW are back on the same page, that’s business now, and he’ll be back once his current injuries have healed.

Then again, the CM’s response might also be fueling the fire of people who think he’s using yet another filming reminder of the value of his work to convince Tony Khan to bring him back to TV.

Either way, this type of Punk social media activity is now a weekly thing starting in 2023, and it’s getting a lot of attention as a result. Perhaps this is good for his work regardless of whether this is now a shoot or a job.

Let us know your best guess in the comments below as to why CM Punk took this shot in AEW, Cagesiders.

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