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Cody Rhodes didn’t realize his neck tattoo would be so big

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Soon to be WrestleMania main star Cody Rhodes guest Logan Paul on me feverish .this week.

It’s a wide-ranging conversation between a young man, his friends, and the man who took him to the Royal Rumble. Rhodes covers a lot of familiar areas. Cody talks about the benefits and challenges of being Dusty’s son, his bet on himself when he left WWE (a bet that’s still paying off), and his legendary performance in the past year. hell in a cell When he ended the show against Seth Rollins with a torn shell.

He also dealt with Mike Majlack, one of Paul’s co-hosts, who seemed to believe Lana Rhodes was part of Cody’s “royal family”. In the process of getting it right, The American Nightmare reveals that he is unfamiliar with the adult film industry…

“So the guy drew it—and I’ve always loved the design, and The American Nightmare design was what it was. I got through, because I have one tattoo on my chest of my dad. So I don’t have a lot of tattoos. And he pulled it off, and he was like, ‘ Do you want to take a break? You probably want to take a break, right? You want to take a break.

“And I kept thinking, ‘Nah, I’m fine’ — I wish I had taken a break, because I didn’t know it was twice the size of the drawing I saw. I thought, ‘Oh my God, I’m wrestling in two days.’” He said, “Either you do it in months or Just two days ago. [Paul asks, ‘How do you make that mistake?] I don’t know if that was wrong or not.

“A lot of people were like, ‘Nick? neck? neck?’ And my boss at the time – that was when I was in AEW [so Tony Khan] He just thought like, “No way, it wouldn’t be your neck.” And then I walked into the production meeting the next day – I remember Jim Ross, legendary wrestling announcer Jim Ross, literally just [Cody mimes a shocked stare and head shake]. The entire meeting was just staring at him, not listening to anything.”

I mean, if my wife hated something I’ve always done to my body like that, I’d find a way to subtly throw someone else under the bus about it, too.

At least his current bosses dig it.

Take a look at the 2023 Men’s Royal Rumble winner’s conversation with Logan and the boys here.

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