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Cody weighs in on the bloodline angle, and how he relates to it

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It’s been a huge topic of conversation among fans since the finale Royal RumbleAnd, one assumes, it’s something that came up behind the scenes at WWE – should they stick to the plans of Rumble winner Cody Rhodes against the undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns, or somehow audible to Reigns vs. The strain has been proven.

while he was in bump Today (February 1), Rhodes was asked what happened at the end of the Rumble, where Zayn finally turned on Reigns instead of joining The Bloodline’s post-match assault on his longtime friend and often-rival Kevin Owens. His answer is kayfabe, but it weaves in some reality. Overall, you can see the beginnings of WWE’s story justification going forward with its current plan:

Well, there was a whole other side to her [Royal Rumble’s show-closing angle] People didn’t see him while they had the press briefing room, getting ready for the press conference that took place after the event and there were – I kid you not – maybe 10+ active roster members that wanted to go in with the help of both Sammy and Kevin. I mean, it was really overkill with the handcuffs and the situation with Kevin, and [they] were not able to. So I hope they don’t feel like they don’t have friends in the locker room.

“Kevin Owens is a friend… He’s responsible for a lot of things that have happened with me, and Sami and I have just begun to develop a relationship more recently than ever before. So it’s a position where maybe, maybe, maybe – again, we’ll find out more on SmackDown —but it might have been worth hearing Sami Zayn 50,000 people endorse the choice, the physical choice I made.

An Ruoman was obviously surprised—how would Ruoman be surprised? This [KO] He is someone Sami has known throughout his career and they have intertwined with each other. I look forward to what happens next.

“And as far as you saying I’m not connected to him, I’ve whacked my ticket to the main event of WrestleMania — but I feel connected to him. Because, I mean, The Bloodline is a whole thing — if you look at all these factions throughout history, The Horseman, Dangerous Alliance, DX Your Evolution, Legacys, whatever — it’s going to have a ripple effect. It affects all aspects of what we do, so I feel connected to it. And I sincerely wish I was able to be there Kevin, and I wasn’t.”

Rhodes’ ties to Owens are legit. Both men have spoken about how Cody leaned on his KO for advice on navigating and succeeding on the independents after leaving WWE back in 2016, and even introduced him to The Young Bucks. This gives him a reason to want to help Kevin & Sami in their fight against the man they’ll be facing at SoFi Stadium in April.

He backs up this position with the logical assertion that having a heel faction run haywire through a show or promotion is bad for everyone not aligned with that group. Naturally, one of the last true blue wrestling faces might want to play a role in stopping The Bloodline’s reign of terror.

We don’t know if this is just Cody’s answer (something he’s very good at, and the reason WWE wants him to be on top ASAP), or if it’s something ingenious WWE is setting up to explain why he’s not main eventing. WrestleMania 39 With the angle the whole wrestling world has been buzzing about for months.

If it was the latter…would you buy it? Is there anything WWE could be planning to make you okay with Zayn’s storyline with Reigns wrapped up in Judicial Department? Or do you already agree that Cody’s story is all set in itself to be changed or delayed at this point?

Sound out below, Cagesiders.

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