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Confirmed MJF is the worst person in the world

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World Champion Maxwell Jacob Friedman opened the Feb. 8 episode of dynamite By defeating Konosuke Takeshita in an Eliminator match. Then, he pushed the referee, grabbed his Dynamite Diamond ring, and bloodied the young Japanese superstar, stopping only when Bryan Danielson ran up and chased after him.

It was all a message to Danielson, who would later in the show try to beat Rush and secure the Iron Man title in AEW. revolution PPV on March 5. But MJF was worried that Danielson wouldn’t get the message, so he invited interviewer Lexi Nair into his dressing room and told her a story about the first time he had an ordeal.

It was an anecdote from high school, when young MJF got so many speeding tickets in his blue Camaro that he was about to have his license revoked. After a junior prom, Friedman took home a young woman whom he called “Liv”. It was raining, and Liv was distracting Max with… well, that makes it quite clear.

Long story short, Friedman crashed the Camaro at high speed. After checking to make sure Liv wasn’t dead, MJF pulled her unconscious body into the driver’s seat when the police approached, ensuring that she was blamed for the wreck and that his license would be safe.

Scumbag achievement unlocked.

I think the moral of the story is that the American dragon has to watch itself. And as Excalibur said, MJF is officially the worst person in the world.

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