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Darby Allen wins the TNT title in his hometown

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For the second week in a row, “The King of TV” Samoa Joe put the TNT title on the line in the main event of TNT dynamite.

Unlike his clash with former champion Wardlaw last Wednesday, January 4 was a road match for Joe. He was facing Darby Allen in his hometown of Seattle, with his late coach’s family sitting in the front row. And when Joe went after Buddy Wayne’s son Nick (who also happened to be signed to an AEW Futures contract), the challenger was intense before the bell even rang.

As with many of his insults, this one took a lot from Allen. And that was all the opening Joe needed. He proceeded to bounce Darby’s skull first off the ring post, throwing it flat against the steel steps.

But Allen does this kind of thing to himself on a regular basis. He kept fighting, and when Joe shreds the turnbuckle pad while fighting his muscle attacker counter, you can feel the end. Darby sent the big man crashing into the exposed buckle, and followed it up with a red blade and a pair of Coffin Drops to win back the TNT Championship.

This led to a moment with Allin’s current mentor Sting, who came down to the ring as confetti was fired and the Seattle faithful cheered their man on.

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