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Darby survives Kushida and heads to Japan to help Muta say “goodbye.”

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As he did during his first reign on TNT, Darby Allin is all-comers. And just like the first time, it affected the real-life daredevil.

With opponents of the caliber he faced on January 18th dynamite – New Japan heavyweight legend Kushida – This may also mean that Allen’s second run with the belt has already ended (Semi-pun intended).

The main event showdown started out as a well-matched affair, but the former WWE NXT Cruiserweight Champion eventually chose a body part to target. He did so after Darby flew out to take the two guys out of NJPW’s Los Angeles dojo that KUSHIDA had brought with him… Kevin Knight and The DKC.

Kushida continued to target his arm, using Allen’s dash line against him to do so.

Feeling so confident, the New Japan Kids offered Darby’s teacher a towel so he could throw it in the ring and save his man when he was trapped in a Hoverboard lock. The stinger just scraped off some sweat from his face paint and tossed it into the crowd.

And he was right to do so. The TNT Champion reached the ropes and hit The Last Supper to retain.

The defeated competitor couldn’t believe it, but eventually showed respect to Allen and asked for another match. We’ll see if he still has the belt on when that happens. Darby won’t be putting his belt on the line in his next match, but he will be flying across the Pacific Ocean to share the ring with some legends.

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