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Dijak’s finger was not broken one way or the other

While everyone on the card gave their best at last night’s NXT Vengeance Day Premium Live Event (Saturday, February 4, 2023) at the Spectrum Center in Charlotte, North Carolina, Wes Lee and Dijak were without a doubt the best match of the show. They totally tore the house down the hole in a back and forth war with too many downfalls to count.

However, during the match, Dijak appeared to have a broken middle finger, as shown while he was stretched out and Lee was celebrating his victory.

Take to Twitter to take advantage of the kind of image you don’t often get the chance to create:

This morning, follow up:

Surprisingly, this finger did not break. This is what Shawn Michaels told the media Post-show press conference:

“I’m here to announce… It must be a miracle. It didn’t break. We took him in, we got an x-ray, they said it didn’t break. I think what you do is you drug him and put him back in place and that’s what’s happening now. Again, honestly a modern miracle because we We all saw it and it looked beautiful. But he’s obviously going to be fine, and that’s obviously great news for us and him.”

Really incredible.

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