You are currently viewing Dreamer and Bully Ray to settle the feud in an awkward fashion at Impact No Surrender

Dreamer and Bully Ray to settle the feud in an awkward fashion at Impact No Surrender

Tommy Dreamer and Bully Ray each have over 30 years of history in the professional wrestling business. The heat has recently been boiling on Impact, and there is only one solution. Dreamer and Bully will settle their feud in a… wait for it… live podcast.


No, this is not a Steve Austin routine


Yes, I am as confused as you are.

Authority Director Santino Marella arranged a meeting to de-escalate tensions. Santino suggested a live podcast run by Dave LaGreca to conduct a Busted Open powwow at no giving up On the 24th of February. Dreamer and Bully were meant to work it out.

The dreamer was on the plane. He didn’t want to fight anymore. They are fifty years old. Life is too short. They don’t have to be friends, just have them be civil and go their own way.

Bully actually agreed, but he pivoted into true scumbag style. The bully was shy and then turned into an asshole. Bully suggested that Dreamer could walk right out the door to get out of Impact. The implication was that the violence would continue unless Dreamer left for good.

The bickering intensified. Bully agreed to Santino’s plan as long as he would talk first. Dreamer got tired of the bullshit and taunted Bully with a grumpy voice to claim first rights. Santino decides to arrange a Beat the Clock challenge next week to determine who speaks first in their lives no giving up slice.


Impact is called Busted Open Live, which is a reference to the Busted Open podcast hosted by LaGreca, Dreamer, and Bully. I don’t quite understand what is supposed to happen in no giving upBut I know it’s not a match. I suppose Dreamer and Bully will engage in a live promo clip, which will inevitably lead to an explosion of violence. right?

Whatever the case, this sure looks depressing on paper. I have faith Dreamer and Bully will have some seasoned tricks up their sleeve to produce a memorable moment to create high drama.

Are you into the Busted Open Live clip of Tommy Dreamer and Bully Ray at no giving up?

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