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EC3 signs an NWA contract, and he’s bringing CYN with him

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Since being released from WWE, EC3 has been involved with several promotions including Impact, ROH, and the NWA. He also developed his own concept called Control Your Narration. CYN wasn’t quite a promotion, but it did produce some shows. CYN aims to tour with EC3 and Braun Strowman as the centerpieces. That changed when Strowman signed to return to WWE. CYN has gone into hibernation, for now.

during the Naf said before the showEC3 announced that he had signed a contract with the NWA and would bring CYN with him. EC3 was booked to wrestle Kevin Kelly on PPV. Kelly has been better known as Alex Riley since his WWE days.

EC3 addressed their contract status, CYN, and Kelly in an interview with May Valentine.

EC3: NWA is where I have to go up. NWA is the home I choose to become who I am meant to be. Through the NWA, I’d be more of a man. do you know why? Because I’m done, man.

But tonight at Nuff Said, CYN will continue as a brand, as an identity, as its true mission, which is to find the people, to find the people who make this sport and this industry wrong, and to find the people who just need a way back.

Kevin Kelly. Tampa, Florida. Remember the days clearly. Developmental FCW. The draft was hand-picked in the first round. But what happened? Sport ate you alive. You’ve come a long way. Sad turbulent trip. But you will see through CYN, by controlling your narrative, and through the NWA portals, that you can become what you are meant to be. You can redeem yourself. You can go up. gay.

The way EC3 explains the concept of CYN sounds pretty cool with interesting possibilities. There are a lot of newbies in WWE who are highly skilled and have been “misused” during their careers. It will be interesting to see who the NWA welcomes through the doors for the CYN treatment. The NWA has already dusted off Trevor Murdoch and Tyrus, both of whom became NWA World Champions.

Do you think EC3 is a good fit for NWA? Are you CYN excited to find a way to live?

Get the full results for a file Naf said here. PPV is available through Fit TV.

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