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Eddie Kingston turns heel

It seems that the friendship between Ortiz and Eddie Kingston is over.

A final feud with the House of Black sowed the seeds of mistrust between Eddie and Ortiz, and it all came crashing down on this week’s (January 20) episode of frenzy.

Ortiz called Eddie to the ring, accusing him of trying to attack a woman with a steel chair. This was a reference to their match against the House of Black in which Julia Hart was involved.

Eddie came to the ring with that steel chair, a sign that violence was on the way.

Ortiz said their homicide mentor would shame Eddie for being such a cowardly, fake man. Eddie didn’t need to hear anything else. He beat Ortiz in the guts with the chair, breaking his back with it, and left his old friend writhing in pain on the carpet:

Kingston has been a fan favorite for over a year now, with many fans hoping that pushing his beloved face will lead to a main event. The babyface push is done, at least for now.

What do you think of this angle, Cagesiders?

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