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Edge wouldn’t stop touching his wife’s butt on Raw

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last Monday Royal Rumble Fallout edition rawEdge was caught giving his wife Beth Phoenix’s toned back lip an endearing squeeze as the show ended.

He may be a father of two at almost 50, but you can’t take the R-rated out of the R-rated stars.

His Hall of Fame co-star didn’t seem too upset, as he responded with a hilarious meme…

But for their appearance on the Feb. 6 episode, which would set them up Judicial Department A matchup with Doomsday (and maybe a spot on Edge WrestleMania 39 card), Phoenix must have told her man to settle down. It was very clear that she had asked him to cut his ass, as this megaphone poetically describes:

Or as Glamazon put it…

I? Like Edge, I’m 50 on 14 (and I think my wife has [Vincent Hanna voice]Big ass), so I’m taking his side here.

I’m a little worried about what will happen when Billy Gunn finds out that Edge is violating his gimmick.

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