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Elias is either a liar or a terrible brother

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Kevin Owens has spent a good portion of his run in 2022 trying to convince WWE fans that Ezekiel’s debuting man raw after WrestleMania 38 He was not Elias’ brother, but in fact Elias himself. It never works out for most of you, but at least he ended the charade with a powerbomb apron that sent Zeke on a stretcher and led to Elias’ comeback in October.

Or, if you’re not into the whole truth, you probably bought into the story that the KO attack left Ezekiel in the hospital, surrounded by the rest of his fake family. And if that’s really what’s going on, Elias probably was part of his family’s 24-hour vigil at Zeke’s bedside, right?

Not according to what the drifter is On the WWE Germany web show, Woche dies. Elias told host Sebastian Huckle that he’s a big family man, but when asked about Zeke’s performance, he said:

“Yeah, I have to be honest with you. The boss is in more contact with him than I am. He wants to know like, ‘When is he coming back? How is he doing?’ – It’s all like that. The truth is, all the reports I’m getting are that he’s still in a coma. He’s in the hospital recovering since Kevin Owens took him. I don’t know if you remember when the whole family was gathered next to the hospital bed. You know, I’m kind of keeping my distance now to protect myself emotionally. It’s hard to see my brother like this, but all the reports I get say he’s still in a coma. We’re hopeful of a recovery, though.”

The obvious explanation is that Owens was always right, and Ezekiel was always just a shaven-down Elias. The alternative is that Elias is a selfish idiot who can’t put his feelings aside to show up and say some encouraging words to his comatose brother, or just squeeze his hand.

I think it’s a good thing that Elias is just a liar.

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