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Enhances memory and brain function with liposomal glutathione

Let us ask you something: Can you do a better memory, think faster, or remove brain fog?

You’re right – who couldn’t?!

Fortunately, researchers quickly discovered that a compound called glutathione can help do this. Glutathione is a natural antioxidant made by your body, and the health benefits of glutathione keep piling up. Lately, everything has been about how it can help you keep your mind sharp.

In today’s blog, we will go over exactly how glutathione can enhance your memory and mental performance.

But first, do you want to get to know glutathione better? Let’s cover some fast facts about this amazing compound!

Fast facts on glutathione:

  • Pronounced gloo-tuh-thigh-own – Glutathione is notoriously difficult to pronounce. The “i” is a bit unconvincing. But don’t worry, now you can talk about it with confidence!

  • It is an amino acid compound found in nearly every cell throughout the body. Glutathione is composed of three amino acids: cysteine, glutamic acid, and glycine. It is present in virtually every cell in the body. [1]

  • Works as an antioxidant – In fact, its primary function is to relieve oxidative stress!

  • It is considered the main antioxidant – Antioxidants have an important job. They stop free radicals from breaking down. This is crucial because free radicals cause oxidative stress – a precursor to many health problems.

  • Your body makes glutathione itself, but many environmental factors such as stress, pollutants, or processed foods can deplete it – Although your body produces it, overexposure to chemicals or pollutants can deplete it. Unfortunately, most of us are unwittingly exposed to such things on a daily basis. [1]

  • It also depletes with age – Older adults who are fit and do not have many health complications have been found to have higher levels of glutathione than their less healthy counterparts. It’s kind of a chicken and egg scenario – does glutathione get depleted because we’re getting older, or do we age faster because glutathione gets depleted? [1]

  • Helps the liver detoxify The largest amount of glutathione is found in the liver – this is how important it is for the detoxification process. It is involved in the process of eliminating harmful chemicals and unwanted compounds from the body.

  • Can help with a hangover – If you have heard of glutathione, you have probably heard this one. It is known to help relieve a hangover. This is largely due to its function in the liver. Alcohol also depletes glutathione levels, which means if you drink regularly, your levels may be low.

  • Not easily absorbed If you are aware of glutathione, this may be another thing you have come across. While dietary sources are present, since they are so difficult for your body to absorb, they hardly matter. Even when glutathione is in supplements, it is difficult for the body to absorb it. However, fatty delivery has been shown to increase glutathione levels. [2]

Benefits of glutathione

With all of the above, it is not surprising that glutathione has a host of health benefits. Boosting your brain health is one thing (and we’ll get into that in a moment), but you can also expect the following from glutathione:

  • – Helps neutralize free radicals
  • – Vitamin C and E can replenish
  • Helps lower the levels of toxins in the body
  • Supports the maintenance and function of mitochondria
  • – Promotes liver health
  • Supports the synthesis of DNA, the building blocks of proteins and cells
  • – Helps support immune functions
  • May form sperm cells
  • Helps break down free radicals
  • Helps make some enzymes
  • – Promotes brain health
  • – Helps the liver and gallbladder to deal with fats
  • Helps in regular cell death (a process known as programmed cell death)

Now, before we get into how glutathione specifically helps the brain, it’s helpful to know what causes the brain to deteriorate and trigger diseases like dementia.

lets take alook…

What causes a decline in brain endurance?

Just like muscles, your brain has some stamina when it comes to focus and memory. This can be the difference between being able to focus on complex tasks for a long time or not being able to focus at all, being able to remember almost anything or having every other word on the “tip of your tongue”.

When we are young, this endurance is very useful to most of us. But as we get older, it decreases.

So, what exactly is causing this decline?

Many factors play a role, but perhaps the biggest one is this oxidative stress. See, although the brain accounts for 2% of the body’s weight, it consumes 20% of the total body oxygen! It is also dependent on other oxidizing molecules such as polyunsaturated acids with lower levels of antioxidants when compared to other organs. All of these factors make the brain more susceptible to oxidative stress.

When oxidative stress occurs within the brain, it can disrupt something called synaptic plasticity. This is the process of communication with brain cells, which not only helps you learn, but also helps you form and retain memories.

Powerful antioxidants such as glutathione can significantly reduce oxidative stress and maintain brain health. This is why it is well established that glutathione depletion is associated with a decline in cognitive function. [3]

Anything that increases oxidative stress within the body — and therefore the brain — can negatively affect brain cognition and contribute to dementia as we age. However, this risk can be greatly improved with proper dietary intervention. There is a lot of evidence showing a positive relationship between higher levels of antioxidants and a lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease – the most common form of dementia. [4]

So, can glutathione help?

Scientific evidence shows that low glutathione levels can impair short and long term memory. Moreover, research has also revealed that normal glutathione levels are essential for creating new memories. [5, 6]

This is because – with optimal glutathione levels – your brain can get rid of oxidative stress. In fact, glutathione is one of the main defense mechanisms your brain uses to deal with oxidative stress and is very effective in detoxifying the brain from unwanted molecules that cause oxidative stress.

Another major reason why glutathione allows the brain to function optimally is because it protects essential compounds within the brain. One such example is brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). This is a protein within the brain that allows new nerve cells and connections to form. Oxidative stress reduces levels of BDNF in the brain, which prevents you from forming these new cells and connections – greatly affecting learning and memory.

It is important to have a powerful antioxidant like glutathione that protects the mechanisms inside your brain.

Our glutathione levels naturally decline with age, but we don’t have to accept the mental decline that comes with it as our destiny.

Instead, increase your glutathione levels with a glutathione supplement that your body can actually take in and use.

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