You are currently viewing Ep.  #1012: How Fernando Lost 55 Pounds and Repaired His Relationship With Food

Ep. #1012: How Fernando Lost 55 Pounds and Repaired His Relationship With Food

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In this podcast, I interview Fernando, who read my book Bigger Leaner Stronger and participated in my one-on-one teaching program to take his health into his own hands, lose over 55 pounds, and become fitter and stronger than ever. The improvements in his body are obvious, but above all, Fernando has made a stronger body that makes him able not only to play with his children, but to take mountain biking and avoid damage And what he learned about nutrition not only improved his relationship with food, but allowed him to adjust his diet to his needs and get results on command. This is his story.

Before finding my job, Fernando was over 230 pounds, sedentary, and so out of shape that he couldn’t play with his kids. That was the reason that motivated him to make a change. He read my book Bigger Leaner Stronger and joined my coaching program, and over the next year, made remarkable improvements in his body, health, and mindset.

In this interview, Fernando and I chat about . . .

  • How he healed his relationship with food
  • How she strategizes cheat meals to keep her progress from derailing
  • his health became under control
  • How he used his health not only to avoid past pains on a daily basis, but to prevent future injuries
  • How she uses health to take up a new, active hobby, not just to look good
  • Trust the process, enjoy the journey, and learn to be good (not perfect)
  • And so on. . .

So if you’re looking for a burst of inspiration and like motivational stories, definitely give this episode a listen.


0:00 – Legion VIP One-on-One Coaching:

12:29 – When did you decide to change?

14:29 – What are your numbers after following Bigger Leaner Stronger and joining our coaching program?

20:11 – What is your weekly workout routine?

22:46 – How did my program change your relationship with food?

32:20 – How do you avoid hunger when you’re cutting?

39:13 – Do you have any cheat meals?

42:22 – Has anything surprised you in your transformation?

51:42 – Is there anything else you would like to add?

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Legion VIP One-on-One Coaching:

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