You are currently viewing Ep.  #1023: The 10 Absolute Worst Exercise Myths and Mistakes

Ep. #1023: The 10 Absolute Worst Exercise Myths and Mistakes

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Are calories in vs. calories out of “bad science”? Are all calories the same? Is dieting bad for your metabolism? Do you have to eat a lot to get bigger? Is sugar fattening and unhealthy? Does eating carbs at night cause weight gain? Answers to all these questions and more in this podcast.

In this podcast, I share a quote from audiobook version of the latest fourth edition of my bestselling book, Bigger Louder. If you are not familiar with it, Bigger Louder is a fitness book for men who want to gain muscle, lose fat, and get healthy faster than they thought possible. In this episode, I share chapter 7, which is about the biggest myths and mistakes in dieting that have hindered the progress of many people.

You’ll learn about calories in and calories out, the myth that carbs and sugar make you fat and unhealthy, clean eating, and more.

And if you like what you hear in this selection, you’re sure to enjoy the rest of the episode audiobook.

Let’s go!


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10:44 – The 10 Absolute Worst Diet Myths and Misconceptions

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