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Ergothioneine – Facts and Benefits

Once upon a time, it was believed that ergothioneine (ERGO) did not have any important physiological functions in humans. This was mainly because we do not produce it on our own. But then came the discovery of a specialized ERGO transporter – now called ETT – that absorbs ERGO and transports it directly into our cells. This carrier He is natural to our body.

So, it makes you wonder – was our body designed to absorb and use ERGO? With the discovery of ETT, this is what it’s starting to look like. [1, 2]

The transporter takes ERGO and puts it into cells, especially those dealing with a high level of oxidative stress, such as red blood cells in the central nervous system. From here, ERGO helps the cell produce energy at the mitochondrial level, which can aid in cell regeneration.

There have also been some other fascinating discoveries about ERGO in recent years, which we will discuss below. But before that, you may be wondering…

What is even an ERGO?

Don’t worry, we can cover that too!

What is ergothioneine?

ERGO is a sulfur-based amino acid. Amino acids are types of compounds that help the body build proteins. It was discovered in 1909 by Charles Tanret, a French chemist and pharmacist. He discovered it in ergot mushrooms, a fungus that was destroying crops at the time.

Although it was only recently discovered, it is thought that ERGO may have originated from ancient Earth, due to its anaerobic nature – meaning it does not need oxygen to function. This means that it may be more than three billion years old!

Since then, ERGO has been discovered in a variety of organisms around the world. However, many organisms do not produce amino acids on their own. In fact, ERGO is only produced by bacteria and fungi. In order for mammals like us to get them, we need to consume and absorb them from an external source.

Which raises another question…

What foods contain the most ERGO?

A range of foods contain ERGO, including cereals, beans, and chicken. However, there is one type of food that really takes the cake. Or rather takes ERGO.


Mushrooms contain the most significant amount of ERGO to date. They are the most concentrated dietary source of this amino acid – containing as many as many a hundred times more than the next closest competitor. [3]

While the mushrooms in your everyday grocery store contain trace amounts of amino acids, it is the rarer medicinal mushrooms that appear on top. For example, like mushrooms maitakeAnd the featheryAnd the turkey tail Loaded with ERGO.

What are the benefits of ERGO?

If our bodies have the specialty of taking ERGO and personally delivering it to the cells that seem to be under the most stress, then this amino acid certainly serves an important purpose within the body.

Research is ongoing, but scientists are beginning to discover some interesting traits associated with ERGO. Here are some of the discoveries that have been made about amino acids.

Supports cognitive function

Although we don’t make amino acids ourselves, through diet, we do have some ERGO in our bodies. However, researchers have discovered that ERGO levels decline as we get older.

An observational study found that older adults with age-related memory problems had lower levels of ERGO than those without impairment. [4]

This link is likely because ERGO acts as a unique antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and therapeutic agent that specifically helps protect brain cells. [5]

In fact, ERGO has been shown to protect against β-Amyloid peptides – neurotoxins that attack brain cells and are attributed to most cases of dementia and cognitive decline. [6]

It’s no surprise, then, that – when compared with those experiencing age-related cognitive decline – older adults with healthy cognition were found to have higher levels of this important amino acid. [7]

High in antioxidants

Oxidative stress is damage to cells, protein, and DNA. This greatly contributes to aging. Antioxidants help stop the main cause of oxidative stress – free radicals. When we do not have enough antioxidants in our bodies, free radicals can destroy our health.

Several studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of ERGO as an antioxidant, which shows promising results.

ERGO Antioxidant will actively seek out and neutralize a wide variety of free radicals to help protect against oxidative stress. [8]

ERGO has also been found to work to protect skin cells from UV damage, reduce free radicals in the skin and protect DNA integrity in skin cells exposed to UV damage. [9]


When you have optimal levels of ERGO, research suggests that not only will you feel mentally sharper and protected from antioxidants — but you will feel better. look Also better!

Throughout our lives, constant exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays damages our skin. This doesn’t have to be just the result of sunburn. It can be daily exposure that builds up over time. This is called “photoaging,” and it ages the skin faster than it needs to — causing wrinkles, fine lines, and discoloration.

Research indicates that ERGO has skin-protective effects, helping to prevent accelerated aging often caused by UV exposure. Among skin cells, ERGO has been shown to inhibit an enzyme activated by UV light that degrades collagen – the main structural component of your skin. For this reason—and since ERGO is considered a very stable antioxidant—researchers recommend adding ERGO to skin care products for added protection. [10]

But ERGO can also help you age better from the inside.

Research has shown that amino acids may have the ability to protect the cardiovascular system and the brain from the effects of aging.

In a Swedish study of 3,200 people, ERGO was found to be the best metabolic marker for reducing cardiovascular disease risk and mortality out of 112 markers examined, even after 20 years of follow-up! [11]

In addition, another study found that lower ERGO levels in older adults was associated with greater impairment and cognitive decline compared to older adults with higher levels. [12]

“Longevity Vitamin”

With all this fascinating research that has intrigued scientists in recent years, ERGO has been dubbed the “Longevity Vitamin”.

From its unique ability to penetrate the mitochondria of our cells and protect them from the inside out, to its apparent ability to pass through the blood-brain barrier – it’s likely we’re only seeing the beginning of what this amazing compound can do. [13, 14]

But one thing is for sure…

Given the above studies, it seems clear that ERGO can help your brain function at its best, avoiding cognitive decline.

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