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Ethan Page steals Jeff Hardy’s dancing and Taz’s singing stunt

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Ethan Page is a hustler who abuses sweetheart scams. Not once but twice this week Height And dark Is Big becoming a jeff hardy and tazz man of song and dance.

This intellectual property theft is about Matt Hardy’s saga with The Firm. Hardy was perilously close to breaking the authoritarian treatment of Page as his boss. It even annoys a broken cloak.

Hardy changed the tune in the new year to make the most of a bad situation. He’s starting to see the light of Paige’s tutelage, or so Paige likes to think. During HeightHardy was on Paige’s good side by giving him a Boxing Day gift in the form of shiny trunks. Hardy believes that a trio with Paige and Isiah Cassidy can rise to win the AEW World Tag Team Championship. Paige was thrilled that Hardy honored Canada’s holiday heritage and smooshed his butt with these boxes.

When it came time for the Trios match, Page cut the music to inform the audience of the current storyline. He then replayed the entrance theme and hilariously danced like Jeff Hardy and sang sound effects to mimic the musical notes La Tazz style.

Stealing a singing medium didn’t sit well with Taz. He built on his already established popularity with crooning dark.

Taz vented his feelings on social media.

It was all a fun exchange, not a real excitement from Taz.

The Power Trio defeated Cody Chun, Guillermo Rosas and Sonico. Page stood by and let Hardy and Cassidy do most of the work. The page asked to tag her for finishing Twist of Fate. Upon victory, Paige erupts in glee to dance some more.

The company is back in business dark for another win. This time the trio outlasted Judas Icarus, Sebastian Wolff and Caleb Tenente. Big does more of the same by letting his teammates do all the work, winning the Twist of Fate, swinging with Jeff’s dance, and stealing Taz’s vocals. Taz was commenting on this program to express his disapproval of the stolen gimmick.

As much fun as Page’s dancing and singing was, the real story is the evolving relationship between Page, Hardy, and Cassidy. While Hardy was moving up the class more, Ksidy was rebelling more in an eccentric way. Although the combustible element remains, the Hardy party featuring Ethan Page is now 2-0 in an official three-way contest.

Do you think Ethan Paige, Matt Hardy, and Isiah Cassidy could evolve into a formidable trio unit? Who’s going to watch a karaoke contest between Paige and Taz?

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