You are currently viewing EXCLUSIVE: Bianca Belair scores another major feat at the Royal Rumble

EXCLUSIVE: Bianca Belair scores another major feat at the Royal Rumble

Guys and girls, go ahead! It’s officially the 36th annual WrestleMania season Royal Rumble It kicks off Saturday night, live from the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas.

Of course, the headlines are always the Rumble matches themselves, but WWE really put the card together this year, which includes a very interesting match for the Raw Women’s Championship.

Bianca Belair will defend her title against Alexa Bliss. But will she just have to deal with Alexa Bliss?

The Cageside Seats had a chance to catch EST of WWE at the Royal Rumble media junket Friday morning, and says there is a fair amount of uncertainty with tomorrow’s match.

“I think there’s a lot of frustration built up with Alexa. We see something happen inside of her, both mentally and physically, and it’s going to be tough. Alexa, herself a former champion and stepping into the ring on her own, it’s going to be tough. But now I have to add the fact that she’s bringing in Bray Wyatt? Will you bring Uncle Howdy? Will you bring the dolls? Am I already in the 30 Women’s Royal Rumble without being in it? It’d be exciting, but I feel like I just got this [Raw Women’s Championship] And I’m not looking forward to leaving him anytime soon.”

Regardless of whether or not we’re seeing some scary stunt, it’s always a good time when Bianca Belair and Alexa Bliss step into the ring together. Whether it’s kicking off the Royal Rumble together, being the last two inside the Elimination Chamber, or taking time to recreate a fight scene from scary movie 3.

“We always want to make sure we’re headed somewhere on Twitter [laughs]. But no, I’ve always loved Regina Hall. I’ve always been a fan of her. I just watched one of her last movies, and I felt like I watched that clip and I’m a fan of it, which makes a lot of sense. And so, you know, we always try to incorporate fun things that fans can participate in and I think they appreciate.”

Bianca added that she had sent the clip to Regina Hall, but she wasn’t sure if she had seen it yet. Blair told Cageside Seats that she loves working with Alexa and there’s no doubt these two have something special in the works for their biggest match together, yet.

Bliss will be looking to end Belair’s reign in the Raw Women’s Championship, the same day she breaks another record. Before the bell rang on Saturday night, Bianca would lift her title for the 300th day in a row. No other black superstar in WWE history, male or female, has held the World Championship longer.

In fact, not even The Great One reached 200 days in any of the 10 times he became world champion.

“It means a lot to me. It’s just like the Royal Rumble. When I won the Royal Rumble, I think it was Kayla Braxton who came up to me, she’s like, I know you just made history. You’re the first black woman, the first black person behind The Rock to win the Royal Rumble.” And I was like, Wow, just following my dreams and I’m making history — without even knowing or trying.”

Bianca Belair is no stranger to making history and shattering glass ceilings. There is probably no greater than WrestleMania 37 in Tampa Bay when two black women Belair and Sasha Banks (now Mercedes Money) headlined a one-night stand in a match for the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

“You just want it to be an inspiration to other people. Just follow your dreams and you can be historical, and you can make history. You don’t have to go into history books to find it. You are history yourself. But it means a lot to me. I always feel like acting is so important and it makes me happy.” To be the first person to go over 200 days. I am thrilled to be the second black person to win the Royal Rumble, the first black woman to main event WrestleMania.”

While Belair is happy to be the one to open these doors, the goal is to make sure they don’t close again once they pass through.

“I’d be so excited when it’s the norm, you know? And we don’t have to keep celebrating these firsts, but it’s really cool to be like the first to cross 200 days. It’s an honor and I just want to do it right.”

If Belair passes Alexa Bliss tomorrow, it’s very likely she’ll go from wire to wire. winning the Raw Women’s Championship WrestleMania 38 and then defending it on their greatest stage throughout the following year.

It’s anyone’s guess who her opponent will be, but perhaps the picture will be clearer by the end of Saturday night.

It’s been well documented that Belair has aspirations of pinning every member of The Four Horsewomen, but with SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair, it looks like she won’t get a chance to follow up on her WrestleMania win over Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch against The Queen this year.

However, you can bet that Bianca will be keeping a close eye on the women’s Royal Rumble match tomorrow night.

“It feels wide open. I mean, we have the veterans, Bayley and Becky and all the veterans that will be there. But we also have, where the Royal Rumble can make new superstars. That’s what happened to me. Will it be Raquel who wins? Will she win?” Rhea Ripley? Will it be Liv Morgan? We have legends coming up. Anything is possible with the Royal Rumble. But I’m always in the ring at my best because I want to prove that I’m the best. Only I can be better, by doing that. So I’d like to get in To the ring, if it’s a new star, maybe Raquel or Rhea.”

Of course, there is no guarantee that the winner of the Royal Rumble will challenge Belair. While many fans seem excited about the idea of ​​a rivalry between Rhea Ripley and Bianca Belair, especially the one that culminates at WrestleMania, the storyline is there for Ripley to go after the Queen.

Charlotte Flair defeated Ripley WrestleMania 36 for the NXT Women’s Championship, and then again at Money in the bank 21 for the Raw Women’s Title. The Nightmare owes Charlotte some redemption.

Even if the winner chooses to go after the SmackDown Women’s Championship instead of her own, the Belair would love to see someone like Rhea Ripley sign up for WrestleMania this year.

“It completely changed the course of my career and I’m excited to see that happen to someone else tomorrow.”

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