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Frenzy recap and reactions: Rookie beats JAS again

AEW frenzy (January 20, 2023) emanated from Save Mart Center in Fresno, California. The show featured Action Andretti beating JAS again, Eddie Kingston going rogue, a JungleHook reunion, and so much more.

Let’s jump right in with a summary of the show followed by feedback.

Excalibur, Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, and Chris Jericho were on commentary. Ring announcer duties were taken over by Justin Roberts.

Jungle Boy vs. Ethan Page

Stokely Hathaway, Matt Hardy and Isiah Cassidy were all at ringside supporting the company. Even though Hardy and Zay weren’t keen on going after JB, Big was still able to use them as petty distractions to take control. Page’s coolest spot was a smashing iconoclasm that turns into a powerhouse.

In the end, Jungle Boy had a boyfriend. After suffering a Twist of Fight, JP put his foot on the ropes to break the hold and then rolled out of the ring. Page ordered Hardy to force Jungle Boy back into the ring. Hook hit music. El Diablo Guapo stood on stage watching the scene. JB went into a roll-up, but Paige grabbed the ropes to block and sit on her. Page grabbed Hardy’s ponytail as leverage. Still fixated on Hawk, Hardy punched Paige away without realizing the situation in the ring. This unbalanced the page, and Jungle Boy reversed the roll-up for the win.

Jungle Boy defeated Ethan Page.

Afterwards, Hathaway was furious and blamed Hardy for the loss. Page did it too, but Hardy claimed it was an accident. Page wanted Hardy to prove his loyalty to the company, so he proposed a tag bout for the next week. Page & Hardy vs. JungleHook.

Eddie Kingston Tantrum

Tony Chavon conducted an internal interview with Ortiz regarding his drama with Eddie Kingston. Ortiz was disappointed in Kingston’s feeding of the House of Black’s mind games, but there was one thing in particular that just wasn’t right. Ortiz talked about how Kingston smashed Julia Hart with a chair. Ortiz called on Kingston to deal with matters head-on.

Kingston arrived with a chair. He was a little annoyed that Ortiz wanted to have this conversation in front of the world instead of in private backstage. Ortiz has spoken of hitting women as a line they don’t cross in their world. Ortiz raised their mentor, Homicide. He felt that killing would brand Kingston a cowardly, fake tough guy. Kingston responded by hitting Ortiz with a chair.

Darby Allen was on cloud nine after winning the TNT Championship from Samoa Joe in Seattle. That was the best moment of his life. Allen has been looking for that high ever since. This is why he will defend the title week after week until the wheels fall. Allin has old scores to settle and has challenged the House of Black. He’s already beat Malakai Black and Brody King. Allen wants Buddy Matthews next.

Willie Mac vs Brian Cage

Prince Nana was at ringside. Mack scored an early attack, then Cage turned the tide to throw Mack into the ring and out of the ring. Mac rallied to get a backbone at the Sky High sitout. Cage persevered with a roundhouse kick and countered a jumping knee kick. Cage added a powerbomb before finishing off Mack with the Drill Claw.

Brian Cage defeated Willie Mac.

Jade Cargill & Layla Gray vs. Jedda Vanity & Jordin Vanity

The Vanity Sisters were no match for the villains. Gray Face Buster hit and went for the pin. Jade summons her to catch up and ends up with Jaded. Jade’s record improved to 49-0.

Jade Cargill and Layla Gray defeated Jedada Vanity and Jordin Vanity.

Hype pack for the main event. Action Andretti can’t get JAS off his back since he hit Chris Jericho. Daniel Garcia plans to subdue his opponent. Mark Henry concluded his signature sentence, “Time for the main event!”

Daniel Garcia vs. Action Andretti

Sammy Guevara hugged Garcia and then joined Jericho on commentary. Garcia put on his new leather pants, which Sami had given him. His elegant sports entertainment equipment had no effect on the outcome.

Make work work early. Garcia baited Andretti into the ring steps. Garcia pecked his prey. Andretti jumped again with a cleft moon.

Down the stretch, Gracia delivered a pump swinging slam. Andretti kicked out, so Garcia called Sami for help. Le Sex Gods thought Garcia could handle the pregnancy on his own. Gracia went for a sharpshooter, but Andretti countered the roll. Garcia broke out and Andretti was shot in the throat. When Garcia lunged into the corner, he was met with a back elbow. Andretti swooped in for a springboard attack, finishing with a shooting star press to stun García at the three count.

Action Andretti defeated Daniel Garcia.

Action Andretti lives up to his name in the main event with fast action. The rookie’s winning streak continues as his star rises higher. Daniel Garcia did his job well. His recreational athletic training is coming through well. There are two things to point out. Andretti needs to hit the mark on his aerial exploits. The movement of the corkscrew at the end felt more like a kick than a crossbody. I’m not sure if that was the intention. Either way, there were some other moves where Andretti didn’t land full effect. I didn’t like how Garcia asked Sammy Guevara for help. Garcia is supposed to be a killer, and here he was at a loss as to how to proceed. I wonder if his leather pants are too tight to sit properly on the sniper. That would be a reasonable excuse as a sports artist.

Jungle Boy vs. Ethan Page was a staple match. There were so many dead bodies at ringside pushing different stories that it overshadowed the contest itself. The result didn’t make either party look good or bad. What he was on duty was to push JungleHook’s second round against the company. One of the bright spots was the forest boy feeling sexy like Fabio. I don’t know why he put it that way, but it sure made me laugh in a positive way.

Eddie Kingston hitting Ortiz was an interesting development. This story gets your full attention. I’m curious what Kingston’s final game will be like. He could return to madness or he could fight through trouble to find the light. Kingston is a complicated man. No one understands him except his woman. That’s why I’m not sure that’s a strong turn. One thing is for sure, I really want to see Ortiz wrestle Kingston right now.

Brian Cage and Willie Mack were an interesting match. It can’t compare to their epic encounters in Lucha Underground, but that’s to be expected given the time and place. Nice to see Mac getting national TV exposure again. Getting a full entry makes me wonder if Mack is shortlisted to be an All Elite.

Jade Cargill’s 49th win was Pyrrhic. No struggle and no degree of difficulty. Because of this, I don’t think she’s in danger of losing her next match. Get ready to pop champagne for 50-0.

Darby Allen had a solid promotion grounding his current motivations. It’s little things like that that add more intrigue. We know Allen won’t rule for long. It’s only a matter of time before, he said, the wheels fall off. The longer Allin stays with the open challenges, the more likely it is that anyone will be the next TNT Champion.

Grade B-

functional loop of frenzy. The wrestling action was decent, and Kingston’s storyline was explosive. This show scratched that Friday night itch.

Share your thoughts about frenzy. How do you rate it? What are your favorite moments from the show?

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