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FTR will never work in AEW again, says The Gunns

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There’s a lot going on with Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler these days.

In the past month, FTR has gone from holding three corporate titles to no corporate brand titles. Harwood has been hinting (and saying bluntly) that their time in AEW may be coming to an end, and is allegedly teasing some people backstage by featuring his friend CM Punk on his new podcast.

And what if they leave when their contracts expire in April? Their final act in AEW could be kicking out Colton and Austin from Daddy Ass’ Sons.

The Gunns beat the Top Guys at a “Holiday Bash” two weeks ago, just one loss in a five-match losing streak for the Seven Star FTR Championship. Like a good heel, they’ve been taunting their rivals about it while Dax & Cash have been traveling the world dropping titles.

employment dynamite Last night (January 4th), they buried them…

It’s a decent heat portion. The Gunns haven’t quite figured out their schtick yet, coming across as kind of 2point0-lite at this point in their career (Austin and Colton weren’t even my favorite thing about this part… Taz would explain to Tony Schiavone the sketch should be Read “FTR RIP”, not “F TRIP”). Billy’s Sons dips into the larger meta conversation about Harwood & Wheeler while staying within the parameters of a traditional wrestling story.

Most fans wish AEW had done more with FTR’s popularity last year, and giving them a non-title feud with mid-card action wouldn’t change their minds about it – no matter their kids. But if trying to level up The Gunns is one of their last acts for the company? At least they are doing their business the right way.

Let us know what you think. Find out the highlights from the first episode of Dynamite’s new look below. We’ve put all of the YouTube videos AEW has released as of this morning into a playlist, and since they don’t release everything that way at the same time, we’ve got the Twitter clips of the other big moments and matches below.

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